Kevin Costner’s Kids: Everything To Know About ‘Yellowstone’ Star’s 7 Children From Oldest To Youngest

'Yellowstone's leading man Kevin Costner is the father of seven children from three different relationships. Find out more about them here.

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Kevin Costner, Kids
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  • Kevin Costner is an Academy Award winning actor and director.
  • He is the father of seven children across three relationships.
  • Kevin has been married twice.
  • Kevin spoke about pulling his kids out of school amid the Santa Barbara floods in January.

Kevin Costner, 68, is known as a great actor in many popular films and television series, including The Bodyguard, Message in a Bottle, Dragonfly, Hidden Figures, and recently, Yellowstone, but he’s also a father to seven incredible kids. He welcomed his children, who include daughters Annie, Lily and Grace, and sons, Joe, Liam, Cayden and Hayes, throughout three different relationships over the years. And although he’s said there are challenges to having “two sets of children” in the past, he’s also talked about the joy and uniqueness of his oldest and youngest being 26 years apart.

“As [my] children interact together, there’s always this little bit of, ‘Do you care for us now as much as you do them?’ That’s just a natural thing that happens, and you have to talk about how big love is,” he told in 2015. “The ability to be able to love somebody else doesn’t mean there’s less love for you. Love seems to be always able to hang on to as many people as needs to be in that circle.”

Kevin puts his kids as a main priority. He spoke about needing to take his kids out of school as floods hit Santa Barbara and he needed to skip the Golden Globes in January 2023. “Yesterday, we had to pull the kids out of school in Santa Barbara. For the second time in five years, the freeways are flooded out,” he said in an Instagram video. “We couldn’t get back to the house with the freeways closed. No one is sadder than us that we can’t be there at the Golden Globes.”

His loving and compassionate attitude, however, doesn’t carry over to his gruff Yellowstone character John Dutton. In a recent extended teaser interview, via Whiskeyriff, the longtime actor says Dutton hates insecurity and “weakness” in his children. “John is an aggressive personality and doesn’t like weakness, and he doesn’t wanna see it in his children,” he said. “It’s family, it’s a dysfunctional family.”

To that end, he’s also spoken out about why he doesn’t want his kids to watch the series. “It’s too naughty for them to see and they probably do figure out how to see it. But it’s got some nasty little bits that are good fun for everybody else,” he reportedly told Extra. “Listen, a lot of my movies have some of those themes, so they’re going to find them in the course of their life. I hope they find ‘Fandango.’ I hope they figure out what I’ve been doing with my life. I’m their dad for sure.”

Despite the show’s success, there have also been some rumors that Kevin may be stepping away from the series. Sources have claimed that the actor is considering leaving Yellowstone to focus on other projects, according to report from Deadline. While nothing has been confirmed, there have also been rumors of a Matthew McConaughey-led spinoff. A Paramount spokesperson said that there was “no news” in a statement to the outlet. “Kevin Costner is a big part of Yellowstone and we hope that’s the case for a long time to come. Thanks to the brilliant mind of Taylor Sheridan, we are always working on franchise expansions of this incredible world he has built. Matthew McConaughey is a phenomenal talent with whom we’d love to partner,” they said.

Find out more about Kevin’s seven children, from oldest to youngest, below.

Annie & Lily

Kevin Costner, Annie, Lily
Kevin Costner with his two oldest children, Annie & Lily. (Shutterstock)

Annie Costner is Kevin’s oldest child. He welcomed her with his first wife, Cindy Costner, in Apr. 1984. She went on to follow in her dad’s footsteps and pursued directing, producing, and acting. She’s produced a wide variety of features, including El Cartel CubanoESPN 30 for 30: Bump, Spike and The Discarded: A Tale of Two Rios, and has acted in Dances with Wolves and Waterworld, according to IMDB. She married her husband, Danny Cox, in 2016.

Kevin and Annie Costner
Kevin and Annie Costner in 2007. (Dave Allocca/Starpix/Shutterstock)

Lily Costner is Kevin and Cindy’s second-born child. She was born in Aug. 1986 and went on to become an actress. Some of the movies she’s starred in include The Baby-Sitters ClubThe Postman and Black or White. According to her her Instagram, she’s been dating a guy named Aaron for a while and often posts sweet pics and videos of him.

Kevin and Lily Costner
Kevin and Lily Costner at the Rome Film Festival on Oct 23, 2014. (SplashNews)


Joe Costner is Kevin and Cindy’s third and last child together. He was born in Jan. 1988 and like his dad and sisters, went on to become an actor. He starred alongside Lily in The Postman and was also featured in Tin Cup. He also has a sound department credit for the short film Oasis and will sometimes appear in family posts on social media, like the clip above, which was shared by Lily on Instagram.


Liam Costner is Kevin’s fourth child. After his divorce from Cindy in 1994, he started dating Bridget Rooney and they went on to have Liam in Nov. 1996. He is perhaps the most private of all his siblings and has stayed out of the spotlight and away from the Hollywood scene.

Cayden, Hayes & Grace

Kevin Costner, Kids
Kevin Costner poses with his wife Christine Baumgartner and their three children, Cayden, Hayes, and Grace, at an event. (Shutterstock)

Kevin welcomed his fifth child, Cayden Costner, in May 2007. He shared Cayden with his most recent wife, Christine Baumgartner, whom he married in 2004 and divorced in 2023. Cayden has appeared alongside his younger siblings, Hayes and Grace Costner, at various events with his parents. He’s known for having blonde hair and often shows off adorable suits and other cute outfits for red carpet photos.

Hayes was born to Kevin and Christine in Feb. 2009 and also attends events with his parents whenever he can. Like his brother, he often shows off epic suits and smiles when posing for photos in public.

Grace is Kevin’s youngest child and his third with Christine. She was born in June 2010 and loves to attend events with her parents and brothers, like the one in the photo above, as well. She shows off cute dresses whenever she’s in front of a camera and looks a lot like both of her parents.

Kevin Costner, Christine Baumgartner, and kids
Kevin Costner with his three youngest children in Hollywood on February 9, 2015. (Lumeimages / SplashNews)