Justin Bieber’s Dad: Everything To Know About Jeremy Bieber & Their Relationship

Justin Bieber's relationship with his father over the years has been complicated, to say the least. Here's what to know about Jeremy Bieber and his bond with the pop star.

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Jeremy & Justin Bieber
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Most parents don’t witness their child become a global superstar at a young age. But that was the case for Jeremy Bieber and Pattie MalletteThe father and mother of Justin Bieber have cheered their 27-year-old son on from the sidelines as he’s dominated the music industry since he was a teenager. Although Justin’s been so successful career wise, he’s had a complicated relationship with both his parents, especially his father. Jeremy, 46, was only 18 years old when Justin was born, and he wasn’t fully present in his son’s life at first.

But over the years Justin and his dad put in hard work to successfully get to a better place. The father-son duo are probably closer than ever today. Find out all about Jeremy and his relationship with his famous child here.

Justin & Jeremy Bieber
Justin Bieber with his dad Jeremy and and siblings in 2018 (Photo: SplashNews)

Jeremy had legal troubles growing up.

In 1997, when he was 22 years old, Jeremy was arrested for assault and sentenced to 90 days in prison, according to Radar Online. He was also reportedly charged with failing to comply with the terms of his probation and spent three weeks in jail. Jeremy was arrested again in 2002 for assault, but the case was dismissed two years later. This news all came out in 2014, after Justin had become a worldwide superstar.

He became a father at 18.

Both Jeremy and Patti, 46, were 18 years old when Justin was born in Ontario on March 1, 1994. The pair were barely just out of high school after they welcomed their son, and they were not prepared financially. Jeremy and Patti split up a few months after Justin’s birth, but only one of them primarily raised their son in his early years.

Justin & Jeremy Bieber
Justin & Jeremy Bieber in Miami on January 22, 2014 (Photo: MEGA)

He wasn’t present in Justin’s life at first.

Jeremy was not exactly the doting father to Justin early on. Patti raised their son with help from her mother Diane and stepfather Bruce. Justin told Billboard in a 2015 interview that Jeremy was “not in a place where he could raise a kid” at that time. The “Sorry” hitmaker added, “He was immature. He left for like a year when I was about 4, went to British Columbia, came back on Father’s Day. I remember my mom said, ‘If you’re going to be here, you have to be here.’ There’s a misconception that he’s this deadbeat dad, but he has been in my life since. I was with him on weekends and Wednesdays.” Justin and Jeremy then formed a much closer bond, despite Jeremy’s poor relationship with Patti. The pop star even revealed in 2016 that his relationships with his parents had “switched.” “I’m a lot closer to my dad than I am to my mom,” he told GQ, adding that he “doesn’t see” Patti “as much as I’d like to.” Justin and Patti had a rough patch during that time, which they’ve since overcome.

He has 3 other children.

Jeremy expanded his family beyond just Justin. He and his ex Erin Wagner, whom he was with from 2007 to 2014, had two children together: daughter Jazmyn, 13, and son Jaxon, 12. Jeremy then married his girlfriend Chelsey Rebelo in February 2018, and together they welcomed daughter Bay, 3. Jeremy is also a stepfather to Chelsey’s 14-year-old daughter Allie. Justin has a close bond with all his step/half-siblings. The Grammy winner and his wife Hailey Bieber spent time with Jeremy and the kids for Bay’s third birthday in Aug. 2021.

Jeremy and Justin are now closer than ever.

Justin and his father have a wonderful relationship today. The “Peaches” singer typically shares a Father’s Day tribute to Jeremy on Instagram each year. Justin wrote in 2021, “I LOVE YOU DAD WIF MY WHOLE HEART. HAPPY FATHERS DAY.” The year prior, Justin said it “sucks” he couldn’t spend time with his dad on the special day, but was “grateful” Jeremy could see his other kids. Justin and Jeremy really have come a long way, and it’s remarkable to see.