Ewan McGregor’s Kids: Meet The 5 Children He Shares With Eve Mavrakis & Mary Elizabeth Winstead

The iconic 'Star Wars' actor is the proud papa of one son and four daughters! Find out all about the big brood he shares with his ex Eve and wife Mary Elizabeth here!

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Ewan McGregor is known around the world for his roles in such film classics as Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge and the Star Wars prequels, where he tackled the iconic character of Obi-Wan Kenobi. While he is most definitely a household name, many fans might not know about the 51-year-old Scottish actor’s private affairs, including his complicated love life.

Ewan McGregor
Clara McGregor and her father Ewan McGregor attend a film premiere together. (Marion Curtis/Starpix/Shutterstock)

The star walked down the aisle with his first wife, production designer Eve Mavrakis, way back in 1995. Ewan reportedly separated from Eve in May 2017, which raised eyebrows as he was rumored to be in a relationship with his Fargo co-star at the time, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who had just announced her own split from her husband of seven years, Riley Stearns. Five months later, the co-stars were snapped packing on the PDA in the streets of London. They are now married after tying the knot in April 2022.

Months after Ewan split from Eve, their children — daughters Clara, 26, Jamyan, 20, Esther, 20, and Anouck, 11 — were still profoundly affected by it. “They blame [Mary Elizabeth] for destroying their family, and they can’t forgive her,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife at the time. “It’s especially hard for Clara because she’s the oldest and so protective of her sisters. When she sees them hurting over this divorce, her response is to get angry and lash out at Mary Elizabeth.” Even Mary Elizabeth’s ex Riley appeared to diss her after their divorce. Meanwhile, Ewan and Mary Elizabeth would go on to welcome his first son and their first child together, Laurie, in June 2021.

Find out more about the actor’s big brood, below.

Clara McGregor 

Born in 1996, Clara has followed in her father’s footsteps and taken a leap into Hollywood. The gorgeous young actress even showed off how tough she is when she appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of her film The Birthday Cake in 2021 hours after she suffered a horrific dog attack. “When a dog bite lands you in the ER 30 mins before the red carpet,” Clara captioned an Instagram gallery she uploaded on June 13.

Despite the acting bond with Ewan, Clara was quite upset about his decision to divorce her mom. as she would go on to seemingly call her father an “a–hole” in an Instagram post. Since then, the pair are on good terms, even producing films and starring in movies together like 2018’s Christopher Robin.

Esther McGregor 

Ewan and Eve welcomed Esther in 2001. The young beauty, who looks strikingly like her father, has one modeling campaigns with her older sister Clara. She was also shaken by her parent’s divorce, slamming Ewan in song form after the photographs of him kissing Mary Elizabeth in London first surfaced. Esther has come a long way, much like Clara, and has since reconciled with her famous dad.

Jamyan McGregor 

Ewan McGregor
Jamyan McGregor and her father Ewan McGregor attend ‘Dr. Sleep’ premiere. (Stewart Cook/Shutterstock)

In 2006, Ewan and Eve decided to adopt their third daughter, Jamyan, when she was just four years old. During the filming of a television series, Ewan had met Jamyan when she was an orphan in Mongolia, according to Closer Weekly. She is especially close to sister Esther as they are only five months apart.

Anouck McGregor 

Little is publicly known about Anouck, the second child Ewan and Eve adopted, welcoming her to the family in 2011. That same year, Ewan told the New York Post, “My wife and four girls — 15, two nine-year-olds and a baby of four months — often come with me if it’s a holiday or my locations and their schedules allow . Sometimes we uproot them and put them in another school.”

Laurie McGregor 

Ewan’s first son was born on June 26, 2021. The parents have revealed little about their first child together, although Jamyan is quite smitten with her baby brother, as she took to Instagram when he was born to write: “Our little man, little Laurie, a wonderful bundle of joy came into the world on June 26.”