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9 Celebs Who Paired Their Crop Tops With Sweats: Kim Kardashian, Hailie Jade & More

One way to keep comfortable AND look sexy is by pairing a crop top with sweatpants, and some of our favorite stars have been spotted wearing the unlikely combo!

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Image Credit: Maciel / BACKGRID

If you want to show some skin, but also keep your look cozy and casual, then a crop top and sweatpants is the go-to  combination. This might seem like a weird pairing, but so many celebrities have started to wear it to give us inspiration! Whether it’s as a cozy, at-home look, or for a casual night out, a crop top and sweatpants can definitely work if you do it right.

kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian out and about in grey sweats and a crop top. (Maciel / BACKGRID)

Kim Kardashian is the queen of the crop top and sweats combo. We’re used to seeing Kim all glammed up in sexy skintight outfits, but when she’s running an errand or heading to a quick meeting, she definitely dresses down sometimes. However, she makes sure that even her dressed-down looks are stylish and sexy. During one nighttime outing, Kim rocked a pair of baggy, high-waisted sweats, which were paired with sneakers and a sports bra. The look was sexy without the effort and Kim looked great.

Meanwhile, Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Scott Mathers, who goes by Hailie Jade on Instagram, recently shared a picture of herself rocking the pairing. Hers was more of a loungewear look, as she paired her pajama pants with a grey crop top. She also added a cozy jacket and beanie to keep warm amidst the winter weather, even though she appeared to be staying indoors. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, having stylish loungewear is KEY, and Hailie is killing it.

jennifer lopez
Jennifer Lopez leaving the gym in a crop top and sweats. (LRNYC / MEGA)

Yes, even Jennifer Lopez has slayed in a crop top and sweats. Jennifer is often photographed heading to the gym in more casual looks. In 2020, she paired grey sweatpants with a loose-fitted, white crop top. She also wore bright white sneakers and had her hair pulled back into a sleek bun. Of course, there was also her protective face mask, which was a necessity amidst rising coronavirus cases.

emily ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski walks her dog in a crop top and sweats. (Elder Ordonez /

Considering Emily Ratajkowski is one of the ultimate crop top queens, it’s no surprise that she’s rocked this trend, too. Emily is photographed walking her dogs in New York City quite often. During one of these outings, she wore baggy sweats and a black crop top, along with an unbuttoned jacked to show off the full outfit. She also rocked sturdy walking shoes and sunglasses. Click through the gallery above to check out more celebrities in crop tops and sweats!