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Celebrities React to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Romance: From Kelly Clarkson to Alex Rodriguez

Hollywood is buzzing about the couple's budding relationship and some big names even took to social media to weigh in about the newly minted lovebirds.

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Unless you’re living under a rock, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s newfound relationship has taken over the internet — so much so that multiple celebrities have weighed in about it. From actors to athletes, several stars showed their support for the couple after the “Bad Blood” artist was spotted next to his family at a Kansas City Chiefs game on September 24.

Since the initial Taylor sighting in late-September, the A-list pair has been spotted out and about multiple times together, and Taylor has become a semi-regular at Travis’ games.

The first celeb to strike up the conversation was none other than Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce. As rumors started to swirl about Travis and Taylor’s budding romance, Jason couldn’t help himself and commented on it during an appearance on Philadelphia’s WIP Morning Show. 

“I don’t really know a lot about what is happening in Travis’ love life,” the Philadelphia Eagles center said. “I try to, like, keep his business [as] his business and straight out of that world. Having said that. … I think it is 100 percent true.” 

Keep reading to see who else showed their team spirit for Taylor and Travis’ newfound romance! 

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez knows a thing or two about being an athlete dating a pop superstar. He dated Jennifer Lopez from 2017 until 2021. The pair were even engaged in 2019 until the end of their relationship. The former New York Yankee shared his thoughts on Taylor and Travis’ new romance in an interview with E! News. “I love it, I think it’s great,” he said. “It brings a little bit more energy to the NFL. It’s cool.”

With his own experience dating superstars as a professional athlete, A-Rod explained that having someone you’re interested in watch you play always adds to the pressure, no matter what age. “In high school, if there’s a girl you have a crush on, you want to put on a good show,” he said. “We’re all showmen.”

About a week later, Alex shared his thoughts again, when asked if he had any tips for Travis in an interview with People on October 25. “I certainly can’t give anyone advice about that,” he quipped. Even though A-Rod had his own experience dating a pop superstar, their relationship didn’t begin until a year after he’d retired from the MLB.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson faced a little backlash when she commented on their relationship during an interview with Saturday Night Live’s Bowen Yang. “It’s not hilarious how it is literally taking over the NFL for people that like watching sports now,” she said during the conversation. “It’s like you’re watching [The RealHousewives while you’re watching.”

She later clarified her comments in an Instagram post on Saturday, October 21. “Do not fall prey to clickbait, trash reporters twisting the facts again. I did not bash anyone’s romance. I am pro-romance. Yay romance,” she wrote. “I just said I want to watch football when I tune in to watch football. Seems an appropriate request. OK, carry on.”

Andy Reid

Even people within the Chiefs’ organization have noticed that the season has gotten better with Taylor showing her support. During a post-game press conference, Coach Andy Reid complimented the “Blank Space” singer for bringing out the best in the tight end. “Kelce is getting better with time. Taylor can stay around all she wants,” he said in a video circulating on social media.

Donna Kelce

Travis’ mom weighed in about her son’s new romance on the “Got it From My Mamma” podcast. Donna revealed that her favorite song of Taylor’s is “probably ‘Shake It Off'” because she and her family have received “a lot of [hate] lately.”

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg shared some thoughts on the rumored relationship during a “Hot Topics” discussion on The View on Monday, October 2. She revealed that while she’s a fan, she wasn’t necessarily invested in their potential romance. “Why is this so extraordinary to people?” she said. “I love Taylor. She’s great. I’m watching football whether she’s participating or not.”

Still, her View co-hosts seemed to enjoy chatting about Taylor, and even Ana Navarro said that after the Chiefs’ two victories at the games the singer attended, she thought that Tay was lucky. “I wish she’d start dating a Dolphins player,” she said.

Mark Cuban

After the first game Taylor attended, Shark Tank star Mark Cuban tried to encourage her to date someone from the Dallas Mavericks, which he owns. “Taylor—If you’re listening, sorry, Travis—break up with him,” he said during an appearance on ESPN’s First Take. “I’ve got a bunch of good-looking single guys that play for the Dallas Mavericks. I gotchu! I gotchu!”

Travis did respond to the clip trying to reach some middle ground with the billionaire! “Just sign me to a ten day!” he wrote.

Hilarie Burton Morgan

The former One Tree Hill star took to X — previously known as Twitter — to note that she is “deeply invested in” their romance by praising Travis for inviting Taylor to his game. 

“Pro tip … you deserve someone who invites you to work with them,” Hilarie tweeted. “It shows: 1. They think you’re so awesome [and] they want everyone from buddies to the boss to meet you. 2. They work hard & they’re GOOD, & they want you to see that. Flew to see [my husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan] on a set 14 yrs ago. #kelceswift [sic].”

Jana Kramer

Jana commented on a series of Instagram posts that covered Taylor and Travis’ relationship. One of her comments read, “I’m so here for this.” 

Patrick Mahomes

Travis’ teammate was asked during a press conference whether he had met Taylor in person, to which he responded, “Yeah, I met her. She’s really cool, good people. But like Trav said, man, I’m going to let them have their privacy and just keep it moving.” 

Jason Sudeikis 

Though the Ted Lasso star hasn’t publicly commented on the pair, Jason “liked” the NFL’s tweet that read, “Welcome to #ChiefsKingdom, @taylorswift13!” 

Jason Kelce

In an interview on SportsRadio 94 WIP, Jason noted that it “definitely seems like [Travis] is going above and beyond to be a gentleman” to Taylor. 

“I’m happy that it finally happened out in the public eye so I can hopefully stop being asked questions about it,” Jason joked. “It was fun watching the whole world take it in, to be honest with you.” 

Katy Perry

“I ship,” the “Teenage Dream” songstress, 38, commented on an Instagram photo of the pair holding hands shared by Vogue. Katy showed some extra love by hitting the “like” button.

Erin Andrews

NFL broadcaster Erin Andrews took credit for the league’s newest couple during an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers. On her podcast, she had called on Taylor to go on a date with him during a “candid” conversation. “We’re good friends of his and we just were like, ‘Taylor, date this guy. I mean he’s good-looking,'” she said. “He’s just such a great, great guy. And so we threw it out there and they got together. Of course, we’re getting all the credit now.”

Erin further explained that she and her Calm Down podcast co-host Charissa Thompson are looking to the future. “We hope to officiate the wedding. We hope to be there when he proposes, all the things,” she said in the interview.