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‘American Horror Story’: Every Character Billie Lourd Has Played

Billie Lourd has become a mainstay in the 'American Horror Story' cast since joining Season 7's 'Cult.' Find out all the deliciously wicked characters the actress has played in the Ryan Murphy franchise.

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  • Billie Lourd has starred in five seasons of ‘American Horror Story,’ including the latest, ‘NYC’
  • Her character’s range from cult member to Night Stalker Richard Ramirez’s girlfriend.
  • The actress, who is the daughter of ‘Star Wars’ icon Carrie Fisher, was featured in 2 other Ryan Murphy projects

Billie Lourd has made quite the impact on Hollywood since she first hit the scene with 2015’s Scream Queens. The hilarious horror series, where Billie played the earmuff-wearing, scene-stealing Chanel #3, was the actress’ debut in the Ryan Murphy universe. Since then, she has found favor with the mega-producer, and, as he is known to do, Ryan has welcomed her into the ‘AHS’ family by repeatedly casting her in the series’ sequels, a total of five for Billie so far.

Billie Lourd is seen here as Hannah in ‘American Horror Story: NYC’ (FX)

While the daughter of Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher (and granddaughter of Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds) has found success with other Tinseltown projects as well (see Olivia Wilde’s Book Smart), she appears grateful for Ryan bringing her into the ‘AHS’ fold and giving the opportunity to play such rich, often deliciously evil characters… like the 1980s fitness trainer who happens to be dating the Night Stalker Robert Ramirez. (It also needs to be mentioned that Billie has had a role in an episode of Ryan’s spin-off American Horror Stories, where she played a young woman named Liv, whose pregnancy becomes a nightmare.)

“It’s such an honor,” Billie said of working with Ryan in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife in 2020. “I feel like I’m not worthy. I’m not worthy. It’s so surreal. It’s so incredible. I’ve gotten so lucky with every single role I’ve gotten to play for him. They’ve all been so different and so layered and so much fun. Montana, Winter, Mallory, it’s been such a delight. I got so lucky.”

With Billie referencing a few of her roles on ‘American Horror Story,’ let’s dive into them all, below!

American Horror Story: Cult – Winter Anderson

Billie Lourde played Evan Peters’ sister in ‘American Horror Story: Cult’. (FX)

Billie first joined the cast of ‘AHS’ for the seventh season, which revolved around Evan Peters leading a cult. Billie played Evan’s sister, Winter Anderson, who ends up joining the cult and gets in a few compromising positions following her sibling’s demands. Billie had previously said Winter ends up becoming “sexually aggressive” throughout the season, per US Weekly. She also ends up on the wrong side of her brother.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse – Mallory

Billie Lourde played Mallory, a witch, in ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ (FX)

Season 8 had a lot going on what with the world ending, including a crossover with fan favorite American Horror Story: Coven. Billie’s Mallory ends up being a witch, who is destined to become the next Supreme witch and take down the Antichrist. And thus… saves the world.

American Horror Story: 1984 – Montana Duke

It was a blast to see Billie take on Montana Duke in all her 80s Jazzercize glory. In a twisty season full of supernatural haunts, Billie’s Montana is a fitness trainer who is out revenge for her brother’s murder. And she also happens to call a certain Los Angeles serial killer boyfriend: the Night Stalker.

Billie Lourd as Montana Duke in ‘AHS: 1984’, (FX)

American Horror Story: Double Feature – Lark

While her role as a tattoo artist and second-hand store owner in Provincetown, MA named Lark didn’t give her as much screen time as her past ‘AHS’ endeavors, Billie crushed every scene. Her job also included sharpening the teeth for hungry residents of the sleepy seaside town.

American Horror Story: NYC – Hannah

While the latest and eleventh season is shrouded in secrecy, of course, some happy news has leaked. Zachary Quinto is back! After last seen in the second season of ‘Asylum,’ Zachary will be taking on the role of Sam. Billie will be playing Hannah. Find out more about the season, here!