2 Full-Bodyweight Circuit Workouts That Are Quick & Easy Ways To Get In Shape: Expert Tips

Looking for new & easy workouts that you can do at home? Look no further because Erin Stern, 2x Ms. Figure Olympia winner, shared with HL the two full-body circuit workouts you can do anytime, anywhere!

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If your new year’s resolution is to get fit, then look no further because Erin Stern, 2x Ms. Figure Olympia, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the two circuit workouts that will whip you into shape and the best part is – you can do them anywhere in your house!

“Bodyweight circuit workouts get your heart rate up and can be done anywhere. The key is to choose 3-5 compound movements and perform them in quick succession. Compound movements are exercises where two or more joints are moving. Examples include squats, lunges, push-ups, burpees, and presses. Adding a post-workout protein shake can help improve recovery, increase feelings of satiety, and can also speed up metabolism.”

To follow two of Erin’s workout circuits, follow the steps below:
Circuit 1, 15 reps each move:
1. “Bodyweight squats
2. Mountain climbers
3. Reverse lunges
4. Push-ups
5. Plie squats
6. Pop squats”

home workout
Erin Stern, 2x Ms. Figure Olympia winner, shared with HL EXCLUSIVELY, the two full-body circuit workouts you can do at home! (Shutterstock)

Circuit 2, 15 reps per move:
1. “Burpees
2. Split squats
3. Jumping jacks
4. Diamond push-ups
5. Forward lunges
6. Scissor jumps”

“Circuits combine strength and cardio moves, so you’ll be able to sculpt your muscles and lean down. They can be repeated once or twice each, depending on the fitness level.”

As for some exercises you can do between work for quick little breaks that will get you moving, Erin shared, “Leg lifts are great for activating and perking up the glutes while standing crunches can help with tightening the abs. If you have access to stairs, a brisk 5-minute climb gets the blood pumping!”

To get motivated to exercise when you’re stuck in the house, Erin suggested, “Create a designated area for training and create or find workouts that you can do. Get ready to work out, just like you’d get ready to go to the gym. Crank up some music and go for it. You’ll find that you are more focused and can get a better workout at home, as there are fewer distractions. Have a plan, and set an exact time for working out. Just like anything else, it won’t just happen – you have to make it happen. Results can be seen in as little as two weeks, so a bikini body is within reach. Go get ’em!”