Taylor Lautner & Wife Tay Reveal Their Biggest Pet Peeves About Each Other (Exclusive)

During an exclusive video interview with Hollywood Life, the Lautners got candid about what bugs them from time to time.

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Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome
Image Credit: Variety via Getty Images

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Lautner (née Dome) know exactly what gets on each other’s nerves — specifically which household habits can bug them from time to time. During the pair’s exclusive video interview with Hollywood Life, the Home Team actor, 32, and the registered nurse, 27, revealed their biggest pet peeves about one other while promoting their STEM™ partnership and the new STEM Attracts & Traps Flying Insects Light Trap.

“Tay’s a very organized, clean person, and I’m … not so much,” Taylor pointed out, before Tay noted that her husband has “gotten better” with his habits over time. Tay went on to explain that she is “just very clean and [needs] things organized,” adding that this is “just how [her] brain prefers things.”

Despite having different cleaning habits, Tay noted that she “can’t be mad” at the Twilight actor because, “Taylor just doesn’t really see it, which I’ve learned isn’t him ignoring it.”

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Lautner

Taylor also made sure to note his biggest pet peeve about Tay: toilet paper. “I like the toilet paper hung a certain way — it goes over the top, not under,” he said while the two shared a laugh.

Despite the occasional complaints about their at-home habits, the spouses have been happily married since 2022.

“Tay and I have been together for seven years now, nearly two years of marriage, and we had little bugs about each other that we certainly worked through,” he pointed out, before explaining his and Tay’s latest partnership. “But something that STEM is familiar with are bugs, and we have used [the] STEM [Light Trap] is our house before this partnership. … It is the most simple device. It’s just a sticky cartridge with a UV blue light that you stick into your wall.”

The brand conducted a survey which proved that having insects and other bugs around the house can exacerbate feelings of annoyance between partners. Fifty-two percent of respondents even agreed that they are more likely to feel bugged by their partner while they’re in the presence of bugs in their home.

As Taylor told Hollywood Life, the pair have used STEM in their home before they partnered with the brand, and the Light Trap helps them be bugged by one less thing. It’s an insecticide-free solution that uses a soft UV-blue light and refillable cartridges to attract and trap flying insects 24/7 including gnats, mosquitoes, fruit flies, house flies and moths. Since insects and other crawlers can enter their space — especially in the summers when Taylor admits he likes to leave doors and windows open — Taylor pointed out that he and Tay have STEM Light Traps “in every corner pocket of our house.”

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Lautner

Aside from their latest partnership, Taylor and Tay have also been co-hosting their podcast, “The Squeeze,” since early 2023. On their show, the spouses have invited multiple celebrity guests to discuss important topics, ranging from mental health to managing the overwhelming attention that comes with fame — which the MTV Movie Award winner has experienced in the past.

While speaking exclusively with Hollywood Life, Taylor explained how he found a healthier approach to managing life in the public eye and his private life with Tay.

“It has been a balance for me, but I would say I used to be way more closed off in private than I am today,” the Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D star said. “I just think when things happened at a young age that it was just kind of a scary thing having so much privacy taken away. … And for me in the last few years, I think I’ve found a healthier balance where you find joy, like genuine joy, in sharing moments of your life with people. So, I think that’s actually been a cool journey for me.”

Tay acknowledged that seeing her husband open up on their podcast has been “awesome,” noting that she was happily surprised to hear him say “something he’s never said before” on the show.

“[It’s] so cool that he feels safe enough to share that now,” Tay added.