Billy Ray Cyrus Accuses Ex Firerose of Emotional, Verbal, and Physical Abuse in Divorce Filing

Billy Ray Cyrus accused his estranged wife Firerose of abusing him.

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Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus
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Billy Ray Cyrus accused his estranged partner Firerose abused him amid their divorce. “While the Plaintiff would acknowledge that he was certainly vocal, frustrated and angry with the Defendant in May 2024, it is the plaintiff who, in fact, has been abused…Not only verbally and emotionally by the Defendant, but PHYSICALLY abused by Defendant,” the document filed stated.

The 62-year-old country singer first tied the knot with Johanna Roise Hodges – Firerose’s biological name – in October 2023. Though the married life did not last long, the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer was accused of “extreme verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse” on a court document by a rep for the 36-year-old. He later denide his actions through a statement on June 25. 

“His story keeps evolving and this filing is simply another abusive tactic to distract away from the serious, true allegations brought against him…The only individuals supporting his false claims are those on his payroll, whose credibility is questionable,” the statement noted.

Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus performing on stage
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 Billy Ray’s attorneys Rose Palmero and Jason Talley even took charge and shared with E! News, “We regret that Ms. Hodges has chosen to litigate this 7-month marriage in the press and has left Mr. Cyrus with no recourse but to set the record straight…[her statement was] confusing and suspicious in its veracity since she begged Mr. Cyrus to forgive her and take her back only two days after he filed his pleadings to dissolve his marriage.”

This news comes amid his family rift with his past marriage to ex-wife Tish Cyrus. During an interview with David Letterman on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, his daughter Miley Cyrus opened up about how her mother raised her but “Without my dad, I know — I mean, not just literally I wouldn’t be sitting in this chair, I wouldn’t exist — but I would not, who I am as a person, it wouldn’t exist,” Miley explained, before adding, “Because my dad, as a creative and as an artist in the way that his brain works, has aways made me feel safer in my own mind because we’re very similar in our ideas.”

The 31-year-old singer added, “I also inherited the narcissism from my father.”