RHOM’s Julia Lemigova Reveals There Were ‘Signs’ of Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan’s Split at the Reunion (Exclusive)

Julia Lemigova and Adriana de Moura tell Hollywood Life they 'couldn't believe' the news that Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan broke up.

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Julia Lemigova
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Everyone is shocked about Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan‘s breakup, including her Real Housewives of Miami co-stars Julia Lemigova and Adriana de Moura. The duo spoke to Hollywood Life for an exclusive interview on February 13 and admitted that they were in disbelief over the news that Larsa, 49, and Marcus, 33, split. However, Julia did note that “there were some signs” of the couple’s relationship issues at the season 6 reunion which filmed on January 18, about a month before the breakup news.

“There were some things that happened that you’re gonna have to watch the reunion to see,” Adriana revealed. “There are some pretty revealing things at the reunion that might explain this. Before we just speculate a lot, I think people can come to their own conclusions.”

Adriana speculated that the main reason for the breakup is the fact that Larsa’s ex-husband is Scottie Pippen, whose main NBA rival was Marcus’ father, Michael Jordan. “That was just too close for comfort for everybody in that story,” Adriana noted. “That has to play a role at the end of the day. The underlying tension must have something to do with this. That’s my take.”

“At the end of the day, Scottie Pippen is still the father of her four children,” Adriana added. “And Marcus is still the son of Michael Jordan. How can you get closer than that?” The “FYAH” singer went on to joke that both Michael and Scottie are probably “very happy” about Larsa and Marcus’ split.

Julia Lemigova
Julia Lemigova and Adriana de Moura (Photo: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)

Like Adriana, Julia “couldn’t believe” that Larsa and Marcus broke up after almost two years of dating. “We thought it was some kind of prank, because they seem to be so in love. From being so in love to this… it just shows that nothing in life is as it seems,” Julia said. “People have their personal lives, secrets, and Larsa definitely has a lot of them.”

Julia went on to speculate that Marcus “is not the person” that the RHOM cast and the fans thought he was. “He appeared to be very sweet and kind, that’s how we perceived him, but who knows,” she added. “I just hope Larsa is okay, because she must be in a lot of pain.”

Larsa Pippen
Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan (Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Adriana, who has butted heads with Larsa many times on the Bravo reality show, confirmed that she hasn’t reached out to her co-star about the breakup yet.

“I was just very curious about the timing,” Adriana said. “It was right around Super Bowl. Is there something related to that? Is it the fact that she was maybe supposed to be somewhere that she couldn’t be? Is it because maybe he cheated on her? Is it because maybe there’s financial issues? I don’t know. There’s so many questions.”

Following the news of Larsa and Marcus’ split, a source told HollywoodLife on February 12 that the exes “have decided to take some time apart to reevaluate their relationship. This has nothing to do with any family input, but solely for their personal growth.” Larsa sparked the split rumors during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 11, when she unfollowed Marcus on Instagram and wiped all her posts with him from her feed. She also posted a Yes/No poll on her Instagram Stories asking, “Should your friends unfollow your ex.”