Keanu Reeves Hoses Off Shirtless On Boat In Italy: Rare Photos

The 'Matrix' icon was seen hosing off shirtless and enjoying chilled champagne on a lavishly appointed yacht in Capri!

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Keanu Reeves
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Image Credit: Greg Chow/Shutterstock

Keanu Reeves, 58, is rarely seen in public at all, so the sight of the shirtless John Wick star in Capri, Italy, is doubtlessly sending fans across the globe into a frenzy. In photos you can SEE HERE via The Daily Mail, the internet’s boyfriend happily hosed himself off while wearing nothing but a pair of beige swim trunks. He sat on the edge of a small boat for the pics, a massive, lavishly appointed yacht in the background.

Keanu Reeves
Greg Chow/Shutterstock

In another pic, he was caught diving into the jeweled waters, and in another he surfaced with a smile. The Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure star was also seen helping himself to a glass of champagne as he enjoyed the high-profile vacation. Keanu appeared fit and relaxed in the sunshine, his wet hair resting on the back of his neck and his salt and pepper goatee giving him a distinguished appearance. His sister Kim joined him on the scenic outing, and the duo was seen happily chatting. Keanu’s lovely girlfriend, artist Alexandra Grant, did not appear to have joined the actor on his summer getaway.

The low-key superstar is famous for being a nice guy — and in a March interview, he finally reacted to the “internet’s boyfriend” label. “I really appreciate the goodwill,” he told PEOPLE during a red carpet interview at the New York City premiere of John Wick: Chapter 4. 

As for his high-intensity role in the beloved action franchise, he opened up about what he likes about it. “I love the challenges of John Wick, it’s super intense,” he told the outlet. “It’s playful. I get to do different things — driving, you know? [I get to use] nunchucks and do movie Judo, movie jujitsu. So I really enjoy that.”

In contrast to Keanu’s typically laid-back demeanor, he admitted that he enjoys the “noise” of the action movies. “I enjoy the challenges and the intensity and the noise,” he explained at the time. “So I’m not looking to hang out on the beach.”