Mark Consuelos Strips Down To Shorts To Take Ice Bath On ‘Live with Kelly and Mark’ Segment

Fans cheered as Mark unwrapped his robe, revealing his chiseled abs. Watch him take the cold plunge here.

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Mark Consuelos shirtless
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Image Credit: ABC/Youtube

Mark Consuelos woke himself up with an ice bath on LIVE with Kelly and Mark while helping start viewers’ day with a clear view of his rock-solid abs. On the Wednesday, July 19 episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, the actor and host, 52, stripped down to his swim trunks to take a cold plunge on a segment for the show’s “Aches and Pains” week, which teaches viewers different ways to manage body pain. Mark looked comfortable as he took off his grey fuzzy robe to unveil his chiseled torso for all of America and the live studio audience to see.

Mark Consuelos shirtless
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos smile at each other before Mark takes the cold plunge on the July 19, 2023 episode of ‘Live with Kelly and Mark’ (Photo: ABC/YouTube)

The audience cheered both Mark and Michael Gelman, the show’s longtime producer, on as they readied themselves for the plunge. They both nervously smiled and followed Dr. Jonathan Leary‘s orders to fully submerge themselves in the ice water. After sitting down, they held each other’s hands for support. The duo were so comfortable with each other that Gelman even jokingly waved co-host Kelly Ripa, 52, away as she prepared to ask them a question. Once she did get a word in, her husband said he was feeling “good”. Adding more detail, he described the sensation in his legs as both “interesting” and extreme.”

Dr. Leary responded to Mark’s remarks by explaining that feeling any tingling is completely normal. “All the blood vessels in your body are … tightening up,” he noted. “Your body will start to adapt,” he added, pacifying a concerned Gelman. “And once it starts to adapt — the pain, the tingling — that will start to dissipate.” As Gelman continued to look uncomfortable, Kelly suggested he lie back like her husband, but Gelman was so cold he could not move. Meanwhile, as Kelly spoke to Mark, he said that he would not mind installing an ice bath in their home.

When Gelman and Mark completed the six-minute cold bath, they were rewarded with hot dogs. Well worth the pain!

Cold baths have been a steadily growing trend in the holistic health and wellness space and are meant to help with a range of issues, such as anxiety and soreness. Lizzo, Hailey Bieber, Lady Gaga are just a few examples of the several celebrities who’ve taken the plunge. “Honestly, there’s so many [benefits],” Dr. Leary advised during the segment. “The moment you step out of the tub you feel like a superhuman. The process of going in isn’t the most enjoyable in the beginning but decreased inflammation, improved sleep, mood enhancement, you have a dopamine spike, your body’s buzzing all day.”