Kelly Ripa Compares Mark Consuelos’ Penis To A ‘Cocktail Weenie’ On National Hot Dog Day On ‘Live’

Mark hilariously asked if 'Live With Kelly and Mark' was still 'on the air' after Kelly added a 'nine-inch' joke to her stinging bit.

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Image Credit: ABC

Kelly Ripa celebrated National Hot Dog Day by showing off her bawdy sense of humor with husband Mark Consuelos in the line of fire. On Wednesday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, the gorgeous host was quick to quip after Mark reminded the audience of the annual tribute to the American meat delicacy. “And, in honor of that, we are dunking Mark and [executive producer Michael] Gelman in an ice bath,” Kelly said, before adding, “So, as it turns out, it’s cocktail weenie day.”

Kelly Ripa joked about her husband Mark Consuelos’ penis on ‘Live with Kelly & Mark’ in July 2023. (ABC)

After the show’s in-house audience burst out with laughter, Mark quickly tried to recover from his wife’s burn, telling viewers to “bring their own mustard” and insisting that his penis is “more like a fine chorizo.”

The double-entendres kept flying,  as minutes later, Kelly noted a recent New York Times restaurant review of a $29 hot dog at Mischa’s in Manhattan (they called it “obnoxious” but “loveable”). “It’s made with natural beef and beautiful things like that,” Mark said. With a smirk on her face, Kelly responded, “Oh, it’s nine inches?” Mark then looked back at his producers and hilariously asked, “Are we still on the air?”

Kelly had the last laugh, however, as she continued, “This ain’t no cold-plunge chipolata. This is an all-beef, nine-inch frank.” With another smirk on her face, she added, “Some of the ladies in the audience are going, ‘What’s the address of this restaurant?'”

The glimpse into their sex life was on par for the couple, as Mark recently opened up about it last month on on Watch What Happens Live. The actor said he was the “hornier” one in the relationship and also revealed his secret to dirty talk, admitting he likes to do it “only in Spanish.”

The couple — who married in 1996 and share three children: Michael, 26, Lola, 21, and Joaquin, 20 — also revealed a bit more about their romance when they admitted that they tease their kids by acting like they’re kissing in front of them. “We make them think we’re frenching, because it disgusts them,” Kelly joked in May.