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Lance Bass Claims Britney Spears’ Team Stopped Her From Meeting His Kids ‘It’s Very Strange’

During a new episode of his podcast on Jun. 4, singer Lance Bass revealed that Britney Spears' team once stopped her from meeting his children.

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It’s no surprise that 1990s pop icon Lance Bass, 44, had some tea to spill about Britney Spears, 41, as the two ruled music throughout the early aughts. During a Jun. 4 episode of his podcast, Frosted Tips, the NSYNC alum revealed that the “Hold Me Closer” hitmaker’s “team” once stopped her from meeting his twins, Violet Betty and Alexander James, 1. “She has reached out through her people, wanting to meet the kids and all that,” he told his guest and music manager Johnny Wright.

His husband, Michael Turchin, 36, explained that Britney’s “people don’t follow through,” and “refused” to put him in contact with her. Lance then explained the “strange” way he had to communicate with Britney. “You have to talk through people,” he added. “It’s very strange.” Later, the proud father-of-two joked about how he and the songstress are actually sixth cousins through a very distant relative. “She is a Bass, which makes sense because we were born about 45 minutes from each other… everyone’s related down in Mississippi,” Lance said with a laugh.

Amid Britney saying she’s “quit” the entertainment business (watch here), Lance then explained why he doesn’t think the 41-year-old is done touring. “I don’t know what to believe because I don’t know how she is,” he said. “I mean, maybe she is completely over performing, but I just know how much she loves it, and I know she’s a competitive person also, so I can’t imagine her never performing again.” The mother-of-two took to Instagram the day prior in a since-deleted post and wrote, “I guess it was all those rules you know !!! Guess all those rules and not having a voice for 13 years in what I wanted gave a lot of people a thrill ride !!! Oh well !!! Psss no wonder I quit the business JUST SAYING !!!”

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Britney Spears allegedly tried to meet Lance Bass’ kids. (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

As many know, Brit was released from her 13-year-long conservatorship in Nov. 2021. Since then the blonde beauty has been posting many revealing dancing videos on social media and venting about the difficulties she faced amid the conservatorship. Most recently, she took to Instagram to share a statement to clap back at people saying she is “unwell” on May 24. “I’m a woman who has the right to drive whenever I want to go shopping … whenever I want and I do a damn good job at acknowledging my practice in just being a good person !!!” Britney wrote at the time. “With that said I’m disgusted with the attempts of people saying I’m not well … people are hateful and I have dogs and I’m quite happy with my easy way of living. I take care of myself !!!”

Meanwhile, her husband Sam Asghari, 29, recently took to Instagram in a since-deleted story to clap back at his wife’s online haters. “I respect her privacy. That’s why I don’t talk as much,” the actor, who Brit married in Jun. 2022, said. “I found it absolutely disgusting for the people who were in her life at the time, when she didn’t have a voice, they went and told her story like it was theirs. It was absolutely disgusting.” He continued to defend Britney and noted that the online hate should stop. “And don’t believe what you read online,” he added. “99 percent of the time those are all clickbaits for you to click and them to make money. That time is over. I’m not gonna allow that. That should stop. Absolutely. The gaslighting and all that s***, gotta stop.”