‘Queen Charlotte’s Arsema Thomas Is Down For A Lady Danbury Spinoff: ‘I’m Happy To Be On That Ride’ (Exclusive)

Arsema Thomas discusses Lady Danbury's relationship with Lord Ledger and the possibility of a Lady Danbury spinoff.

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Arsema Thomas
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After watching Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, we can all agree that we would love to see more of young Lady Agatha Danbury’s journey. After being trapped in an arranged marriage for years, Lady Danbury asserted her position in the Ton and chose to chart her own path rather than marry again. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Arsema Thomas (she/they) about if she’d want to expand on Lady Danbury’s story in a spinoff.

Arsema Thomas
Arsema Thomas as young Lady Agatha Danbury. (Netflix)

“Uh, yes. Yes, I would. I think working with this crew has been such a massive blessing that I think if they make that decision then I trust them,” Arsema told HollywoodLife at the Queen Charlotte event at the Paley Center for Media on May 4. “Whatever decision that they make I am going to constantly trust them. So if they think there’s a story where there’s more to be told with Agatha, I’m happy to be on that ride.”

Following the death of Lord Danbury, Agatha grew closer to Lord Ledger, Violet Bridgerton’s father. They developed a deep and intimate bond, which resulted in a brief affair. Arsema believes Lady Danbury’s relationship with Lord Ledger was the first time she’d ever been truly in love.

“In a way, she loved Herman [Danbury]. There is something that you just build with somebody after you’ve been with them, gosh, like 20 years,” the 28-year-old said. “And then to be with somebody [Lord Ledger] who looks at her in a different way and talks to her like an intellectual being and not just a woman, whatever that meant in the Georgian era, I think is probably a different type of love.”

The actress added, “She gets to love him out of her own decision-making, and I think that kind of then gives her the confidence to say no to Adolphus. She realizes that maybe I don’t actually have to be with a man at all, so she takes his rejection on the chin so to speak. I don’t know if he’s the love of her life but definitely a catalyst in her becoming the woman that she is in Bridgerton.”

Queen Charlotte
The ‘Queen Charlotte’ cast and creatives at the show’s Paley Center for Media event. (Brad DeCecco / The Paley Center for Media)

There are many years between the events of Queen Charlotte and the first season of Bridgerton. Arsema believes that Lady Danbury does find love again, but it may not be solely romance. “It’s so strange. I think we only think about love as something that can only happen in the romantic sense, and I think she has realized that she has so much love for so many other people,” they said.

Queen Charlotte is one of those people. “That is true love that she realizes, and when she notices that this type of friendship love fulfills her in the same amount that a romantic partnership does, she would rather go with that, and then get the sexual pleasure from wherever she wants,” Arsema said. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is now streaming on Netflix.