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Ben Affleck Is Mistaken For Matt Damon In Hilarious New Dunkin’ Ad: Watch

Ben Affleck is back with another comical commercial for Dunkin' Donuts. See his reaction to getting mistaken for his best friend here.

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Almost two months after Ben Affleck, 50, gave away free Dunkin’ Donuts orders in a hilarious Super Bowl LVII commercial, he’s back with a brand new one. The beloved doughnut and coffee retailer released a new ad featuring the Academy Award-winning actor on April 3 and it showed his unamused reaction to getting mistaken for his best friend, Matt Damon. The commercial (seen below) began with Ben greeting the cashiers inside a Dunkin’ store to order some sweets and participate in the new deal, which prices a doughnut at just $1 with a medium or large coffee purchase.

“I’m here for the Dunkin’ Run…campaign, commercial,” he informed the baristas. “It’s a great deal — a large coffee, a donut for a buck. I mean, it’s pretty cool.” He then explained that he thought ordering a coffee and doughnut like the average customer would be “authentic and meta” for the commercial. He explained,  “Yes, I’m doing the commercial, but am I doing the commercial? You know, I don’t do commercials. I’m a real actor. This is an art form for me.”

However, the baristas were not understanding Ben’s thought process, as they didn’t recognize him. The female worker tried to play it cool and noted that Ben was in The Departed — one of Matt’s movies. The Way Back actor was clearly insulted by the mix-up, and repeated back, “The Departed,” in a state of shock. Eventually giving in, he lied and said that he is Matt Damon.

When the male co-worker tried to compliment him, though, and gushed that he loves Matt Damon, Ben was not having any of it. “Nah, I mean some of his work,” he said after debating the barista’s statement. The barista even went on to say that Matt, 52, has enjoyed “a really consistent career.” Ben groaned and mumbled in disapproval.

The commercial ended with Ben walking out of the store and sipping on his coffee with a doughnut bag in his hand. “Time for a Dunkin’ run. Get a $1 doughnut with any medium or larger coffee,” his voiceover said.

Ben Affleck works at Dunkin Donuts
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It’s no secret that Ben, a Massachusetts native (where Dunkin’ was founded!), loves Dunkin’ Donuts, as he is often seen out and about in LA with something from the popular fast-food chain in his hands. Plus, not only did he release a commercial with the company in February; but he was also spotted handing customers their orders at a Boston Dunkin’ Donuts in January. His wife, Jennifer Lopez, even showed up to let him serve her.

Ben, who wrote the script for the ad, directed it, and produced it, per PEOPLE, spoke to the outlet following his first ad and said it just made sense for him to promote the company. “I think people already sort of think that I work for Dunkin’,” he noted. “In Boston, it was such a big deal. I think I became kind of associated with it, and this sounded like a fun opportunity to kind of play with that association, and a chance to come back here to shoot it at home in Boston.”