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Jane Fonda Says J.Lo ‘Never Apologized’ For Cutting Her Face During ‘Monster-In-Law’ Slap: Watch

Nearly 20 years after, 'Monster-in-Law', Jane Fonda revealed that her co-star, Jennifer Lopez, didn't apologize for accidentally cutting her during the slap scene.

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So shady! Grace and Frankie star Jane Fonda, 85, appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show on Mar. 23 and revisited her iconic slap scene from the 2005 rom-com Monster-in-Law. The film, which stars Jennifer Lopez, 53, and the legendary actress featured a scene in which both the characters engage in a slap fest, but Jane just revealed she was physically hurt in real life. “Well Jennifer — as per Jennifer — she had this enormous diamond ring and so when she slapped me one of the times, it cut open across my eye, my eyebrow,” the 85-year-old said, before adding, “You know, she’s never apologized.”

After the 80 for Brady star revealed the news to host Drew Barrymore and her co-star Lily Tomlin, 83, the former gasped in astonishment. Jane did not elaborate on the comment as Drew simply moved on to ask Lily a question about one of her prior roles. It’s also unclear if Jane was serious or not about the incident, however, many of the movie’s fans sounded off the comments section of the YouTube clip.

“I love how drew gets right in the guests faces and they look bewildered haha,” one fan wrote, while another added, “I love that Jane fonda is still super close to jlo, she was at her Christmas party last year.” Meanwhile, a third admirer begged the pop culture icon to send an apology to Jane. “Jlo please apologize to Jane Fonda , i feel for her,” they wrote, with a fourth fan writing, “this is EVERYTHING.” Further down, one Jane and J.Lo stan speculated that the Moving On star was simply making a joke. “Jane was being playful. She and Jennifer have a good relationship. And Jennifer told this story plenty of times. Also, she invited Jane to speak when she received the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” they claimed.

jane and jlo
Jennifer Lopez & Jane Fonda in the 2005 movie ‘Monster-in-Law.’ (Everett Collection)

The interview with Drew comes amid the release of Jane and Lily’s new movie, Moving On, which was released on Mar. 17. The iconic duo who starred on Netflix’s Grace and Frankie for seven seasons, also star in the 80 For Brady film, which was released on Feb. 3. During their sit down interview on Thursday, the two ladies quipped about how much they love working together. “I remember a couple of times we went to Del Taco and had … [inaudible] and I’ve got a cup at home that says Lily,” the 83-year-old recalled of her favorite times of filming the Netflix series with her longtime friend.

Jane also discussed her 2020 book, What Can I Do? The Path from Climate Despair to Action, which goes into detail about her activism and fight against climate change. The Book Club: The Next Chapter star has famously been arrested during her numerous protest outings in recent years, including her fifth time being arrested in 2019, per The Hollywood Reporter. Aside from work, Jane is a proud mother to three kidsVanessa Vadim, 54, Mary Luana Williams, 55, and Troy Garity, 49. She is not married, however, she was previously married to Ted Turner, 84, until they divorced in 2001. As for Lily, she has been married to writer Jane Wagner, 88, since 2013.