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Emily Ratajkowski Touches On Allegations Her Ex-Husband Cheated: ‘I Had Lines’ That Were Crossed

In a new podcast interview, Emily Ratajkowski opened up about the end of her marriage, and even briefly addressed the rumors that her ex-husband cheated on her.

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Nine months after separating from her husband, Emily Ratajkowski discussed her divorce and dating life on the March 8 episode of Dear Media’s Going Mental With Eileen Kelly podcast. Emily filed for divorce from her ex, Sebastian Bear-McClard, who she shares a sonSylvester, 2, with in Sept. 2022. Being a mom to a young son is what has kept Emily from publicly talking about the split up until this point. “We’re not officially divorced, so for privacy and legal reasons and all that [I can’t talk about it, either],” she explained. “But I think one day I will talk about it. I am somebody where that’s how I process things. I think I’ll probably write about it, if anything.”

When Emily and Sebastian split, there were allegations that he had cheated on her, which Eileen brought up during the podcast. Although Emily wasn’t able to verbally confirm the rumors or get into any specifics, Eileen did point out that many women were shocked to hear that someone as beautiful as her may have gotten cheated on. “It was so interesting that that was the reaction to the news because I was just like…men are trash, ladies!” Emily said. “It doesn’t matter who you are or how perfect you are or whatever.”

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Emily and Sebastian at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Emily admitted that it took her a while to get up the courage to leave her husband. However, she hinted that there was a particular instance that brought her to that decision. “I had lines, I was very willing to [stay for a lot of things], but there are certain things….” she explained. “I’m a very off and on person. I will literally sit with people I love — friends, family, whatever — for so long and if there’s a line that’s crossed, I’m like…ok, I’m out. For me, that was so clear [in my marriage] and it just became clearer and clearer and clearer. Which was good. It was really validating and helped me come back to myself in a way that was beautiful.”

The author/model admitted that having a child with Sebastian made it “especially hard” for her to walk away. Of what she’s learned from the relationship, Emily added, “Trust your instincts and gaslighting is a real thing. I didn’t understand that it was actually going to be so nice to come back to myself and return back to how I see the world and how I understand things and my instincts. You’ll be shocked at how much easier life is.”

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Emily and Sebastian on the red carpet. (Michael Hurcomb/Shutterstock)

Since the split, Emily has been linked to men like Pete Davidson and Eric Andre, who she recently split from. During the interview, she revealed that she “just started dating someone” who she “kind of likes,” but she didn’t name names. “It’s hard trying to casually date and then I’m photographed with someone but maybe I don’t even want to see this person again,” Emily revealed. “That’s happened. I’ve been photographed with someone I’ve only hung out with twice. Or if you’re seeing multiple people at the same time, it’s pretty brutal when they wake up and are like, ‘I haven’t heard from you in two days, and [I see you out with someone else]? That just made it complicated and it gave me a lot of anxiety. That part has been hard. Otherwise, being single has been fun.”

As for what she’s looking for in a future partner, Emily dished, “I really would like someone who is capable of taking care of me in the same way I feel like I’m capable of taking care of people. I really like someone who’s very independent. For me, that’s important, because I have a full life, and also because of my experiences with men resenting me and feeling emasculated [because of me]. So I feel like dating someone who has their own confidence and life will help with preventing that. I look for good-hearted people, people who are thoughtful, people who have good politics and are funny. Similiar interests is important, for sure.”