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Kody Brown’s Daughter Gwendlyn Tears Up Over His Close Bond With Robyn’s Kids

Kody's third wife Christine Brown's daughter revealed that it 'really hurts' to see her dad have a stronger relationship with his fourth wife's family.

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Kody Brown’s daughter, Gwendlynwho he shares with his third wife and ex Christineopened up about having a difficult relationship with her dad in a reaction video to the latest episode of Sister Wives on her YouTube channel on Friday, February 24. Gwendlyn, 21, got emotional during a scene where she saw her dad, 54, having a closer bond with his fourth wife Robyn’s kids than with her and her siblings.

The scene that Gwendlyn was reacting to included Kody greeting his and Robyn’s son Solomon and daughter Ariella as they came home from school. Christine’s daughter admitted that her relationship with her dad wasn’t like that. “I know that I should be happy for them, but seeing him be an active father with these kids really hurts,” she said. “It’s terrible that I’m making this about myself, but it hurts so much to see him be a good father to others, when I didn’t really get that much.”

Gwendlyn opened up about her dad in her latest ‘Sister Wives’ reaction video. (Gwendlyn Brown/Youtube)

Gwendlyn did admit that she was sad to not be able to see her younger siblings, and she said that her “sweet” siblings “deserve the most loving kindest father in the whole world” even if that wasn’t her experience. “I know I should be happy for them, but I am. I’m so happy they have a good father and an active father,” she said.

She continued and said that she didn’t have memories of the types of interactions with her dad like in the episode where he welcomed his kids home as they came after school. “I just didn’t get that, and I don’t remember that. I don’t remember coming home from kindergarten and seeing my dad, and him being happy that I ate all my lunch or that I made a friend at school,” she said. “It was always my mom, and that’s great, and I’m so happy I had her, but it was never my dad, and it sucks that he was not there so much, but I’m happy for them.”

Kody is a dad to 17 kids between his four wives. (Shutterstock)

Gwendlyn has not shied away from sharing her reactions to Sister Wives and her feelings about her family members on her YouTube channel, including admitting that she thinks her dad had used COVID restrictions to spend more time with Robyn’s family. She’s also admitted that she wasn’t necessarily a fan of Robyn “as a person.”

Gwendlyn’s mom Christine separated from Cody after over 25 years of marriage in November 2021. She and Cody have six children. Kody was married to four women for a number of years, but his other two wives Meri and Janelle both also separated from him in 2022, and he’s only still wed to Robyn.