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Gwendlyn Brown Says Dad Kody ‘Changed’ As Kids Got Older & Less Easily ‘Manipulated’

In a new YouTube video, Kody Brown's daughter, Gwendlyn, opens up about why she thinks his relationship with many of his kids is strained.

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Gwendlyn Brown shared her reactions to a recent episode of her parents’, Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s, reality show, Sister Wives, in a new YouTube video. In the episode, Kody traveled to Texas to officiate a friend’s wedding. Christine and Janelle Brown were frustrated that Kody previously got mad at them for traveling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but then decided to do the same himself.

used COVID as an excuse to miss their daughter, back surgery just months earlier. Plus, Janelle was frustrated that her sons with Kody, Gabriel Brown and Garrison Brown, now had an estranged relationship with Kody due to their differences during COVID. Gwendlyn made it clear that she agreed with her mom and Janelle in this situation.

gwendlyn brown
Gwendlyn addresses her dad’s behavior. (Gwendlyn Brown/Youtube)

“I think it’s very ironic and selfish, annoying and angering,” Gwendlyn said. “That pissed me off so much. Because he wasn’t showing up [for us] at all. He made the point that he’d rather go for four days to a friend’s wedding than spend six weeks away from family [for Ysabel’s surgery,] even though Ysabel IS family. It was just so wrong to think about. He was just wrong.”

Gwendlyn also answered a fan question about whether or not her dad had changed in recent years. She said that he “really has” changed, and shared the reason why. “I think he started changing because when we were kids we used to be so young and easily manipulated. We weren’t as opinionated,” Gwendlyn explained. “And now we’re adults and we have our own opinions and our adult thoughts and things you do as adults. It’s just different now.”

sister wives
Kody Brown with his wives. (TLC)

Kody has a tense and distant relationship with many of his kids these days. He remains married to his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, but has split from Christine, Janelle and Meri Brown within the past two years. Although Gwendlyn had some positive things to say about her father in the video, she mostly seems frustrated with his recent behavior, which has led to all these changes in the family.