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Paris Hilton Reveals The Name Of Her & Carter Reum’s 1st Baby: ‘I Decided Years Ago’

Paris Hilton welcomed her baby boy, her first child with her husband Carter Reum, via surrogate in January of this year. And now, she's revealing the little man's name.

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Paris Hilton revealed the name of her baby boy with her husband, Carter Reum,on her iHeartRadio podcast This Is Paris, and it’s Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum. Paris, 42, explained that she came up with the name 10 years ago, and she shared it while reading an excerpt from her upcoming memoir, Paris. “If all goes well, by the time you read this, Carter and I will have a baby boy. We plan to name him Phoenix, a name that I decided on years ago when I was searching cities, countries and states on a map looking for something to go with Paris and London,” she read. “Phoenix has a few good pop culture reference points, but more importantly it’s the bird that flames out and then rises from the ashes to fly again. I want my son to grow up knowing that disaster and triumph go around and come around throughout our lives. And that this should give us great hope for the future.”

The baby’s middle name is also a tribute to her late grandfather, Barron Hilton. “He was always my mentor. I looked up to my grandfather so much, and we were so close, and I miss him every day,” she explained. “So, I really wanted to honor him by having his name in my first son’s name. So there you go. My beautiful baby boy’s name is Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum.”

Paris surprised fans on Tuesday, Jan. 24 when she announced that she welcomed a baby boy in a sweet Instagram post (seen below) that showed her holding her newborn’s hand with her beautifully manicured hand. “You are already loved beyond words,” she captioned the photo. The DJ and reality star confirmed that the baby was born via a surrogate in a statement shared with PEOPLE magazine.

“It’s always been my dream to be a mother and I’m so happy that Carter and I found each other,” she said. “We are so excited to start our family together and our hearts are exploding with love for our baby boy.”


Paris had dreamed of being a mother for quite some time and gushed about her plans for parenthood with Carter in a Feb. 2021 episode of her This Is Paris podcast. “I can’t wait to have a family with him….it’s something that I’ve really been looking forward to,” she said. “It’s something we’ve talked about a lot ever since we’ve been together… First the wedding, then the babies.”

Before that, the Love Rush fragrance owner revealed she was undergoing IVF treatments to give herself the best probability of conceiving. She also said she was preparing to have twins and revealed she knew what she would name her baby girl if she had one. “First one is going to be a boy and girl twin. When you freeze your eggs, you can pick if you get a boy, you get a girl [or] you get twins,” she explained on the Ladygang podcast in Sept. 2020. “I have baby London, which is the girl, and I’m trying to figure out a name for the boy.  So if you have any suggestions, I’m asking my friends. I don’t want a theme of cities, but I don’t know — it’s hard to decide. London for sure for the girl; the boy, I’m just still trying to decide on.”

Paris Hilton Carter Reum
Paris Hilton and Carter Reum walked down the aisle in 2021 (Photo: Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)

Paris’ exciting baby news came just months after her controversial mother, Kathy Hilton, 63, said Paris had tried to conceive ever since she and Carter tied the knot, but they were having difficulties. “It breaks my heart because I know she is trying and trying and I always say, ‘Just relax’. So many people, they struggle and it doesn’t just happen like that,” she told E! News in Nov. 2022.

However, Paris clapped back immediately after her mother’s interview came out. “I don’t know where she got that,” she told TMZ. “It’s never been a struggle at all.”