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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Claps Back After Kody Accuses Her Of Being A ‘Bad Sister Wife’ To Robyn

The tension in Christine and Robyn Brown's relationship was front and center during part two of the one-on-one 'Sister Wives' special on Jan. 1.

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Robyn Brown was devastated when Christine Brown announced she’d be leaving the family on this season of Sister Wives. She was even more hurt, though, when Christine said she didn’t a relationship with Robyn and Meri Brown once she moved away. The admission led to Kody Brown blowing up on Christine, accusing her of always being a bad sister wife to Robyn over the years. “Kody hasn’t yelled like that before,” Christine admitted during a one-on-one interview for the show’s Jan. 1 episode. “I was so shocked. I wasn’t mean. I wasn’t mean to anybody. I didn’t know I’d been shunning Robyn like [they] said I was doing. I didn’t know I’d been doing those things. I didn’t try to do anything like that.”

Janelle and Christine have both been open about how they feel Kody treats Robyn better than the other wives. “I perceive that he’s a little bit myopic when it comes to Robyn and her hurt and her perspective and experience in this versus everybody else’s,” Janelle shared. Robyn also admitted that she found things to be “difficult” with Christine when she first came into the family. “It was snarky comments, not including me in things, kind of letting me know how things were going to go and pulling rank,” Robyn explained. “It was hard in the beginning.”

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Christine on the Jan. 1 episode of ‘Sister Wives’. (TLC)

During his meltdown, Kody also claimed that Christine had talked and complained about Janelle and Meri just as much as she did about Robyn over the years. Christine defended that during her one-on-one. “If I was frustrated with someone [I would vent to Kody],” she said. “That’s not new. He did the same thing. Not with Robyn, he never complained about Robyn, but he would complain about Meri and Janelle all the time to me. I thought we were just complaining about people to each other. He accuses me of being mean? I’m not a mean person. Me venting to him is being mean to my sister wives? That’s ridiculous!”

In Kody’s one-on-one interview, he explained what frustrated him the most about Christine’s decision to leave him. Kody admitted that Christine putting all of the blame on him is what made him the most angry. “I’m fine if she’s like, ‘I’m not a fit here, I gotta move on,'” Kody said. “But what she’s actually doing is s*** talking me. Breaking up a marriage when you’re not in love? I get it. But to assuage her guilt, she has blamed me for everything, including to her children and to Janelle’s kids. And as a result, combined with COVID issues, those relationships have now been pulled away from me. She’s trying to assuage her guilt by saying I’m a bad man.”

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Kody Brown with his wives. (Justin Stephens/TLC)

When Christine finally did move away, the family, sans Meri, came together to say goodbye. However, there was a clear divide in the group, with Janelle, Christine and their kids on one side, and Kody, Robyn and her kids on the other. However, Robyn said the distance was strictly because of COVID, and insisted she would have hugged Christine if the pandemic wasn’t still in effect. Still, she had mixed feelings about Christine as she said goodbye. “It’s hard because I was standing there with the knowledge that Christine didn’t want a relationship with me or my kids,” Robyn explained. “Like, why am I saying goodbye if she doesn’t want this? I wanted to show up so that she could see that, even with all this rejection and her leaving, that no matter what, I was still there.”

Robyn said that she’d be “willing” to get back to a better place with Christine, but admitted that the onus falls on Christine to get them there. “I want real relationships with all of these ladies,” Robyn said, through tears. “Before I even fell in love with Kody, I fell in love with the family and the culture of one big happy family. It’s something that I’m mourning all the time because they took it away from me. It feels really unfair. I feel angry. I’m angry at them all. I would have never chosen this if I had the power that everyone thinks I have. I feel cheated.”

Robyn also pointed out that she’s taken a lot of the blame from the other women for things that aren’t her fault. “I jokingly refer to myself as Kody’s whipping boy,” she shared. “When he does something they don’t like, I get blamed. Maybe it’s because I’m an easy target and I have a tendency to just take it and not get jerky about it. I don’t fight.” The one-on-one specials will continue with the third and final episode on Jan. 8.