Jack Black, 53, Looks Like Santa Claus With Salt & Pepper Beard As He Goes On Solo Stroll In LA

It might not look like Christmas in Los Angeles without any white snow on the ground, but Jack Black's salt and pepper beard might be enough to get Angelenos in the festive spirit.

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Image Credit: Terma,SL / BACKGRID

Ho ho ho! We could practically hear Jack Black saying that like Santa Claus as we looked at these new photos of the actor resembling the Christmas icon during a stroll through Los Angeles on Thursday, Dec. 22. The Holiday star, 53, is currently sporting a grey bushy beard just like St. Nicholas, and we can’t help but wonder if it’s for this holiday season.

Jack Black in LA on Dec. 22, 2022. (Terma,SL / BACKGRID)

Jack, who completed his look with a green padded Columbia coat, a pair of colorful shorts, large green headphones and comfy walking boots, usually sports a clean-shaven face, so it’s interesting to see him with a hairy face. Perhaps he’s getting ready to play Kris Kringle in an upcoming Christmas movie? One could only hope, right? He truly looks just like Santa!

But even if Jack isn’t getting ready for a new holiday movie, fans still have 2006’s The Holiday to enjoy each and every year. In the Christmas classic, Jack played Hollywood songwriter Miles Dumont, who falls in love with Kate Winslet‘s English Iris after she trades places with an American film producer played by Cameron Diaz.

Santa Claus (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

The movie’s so good that fans went into a frenzy when a sequel to it was reported earlier this month. It was reported that Jack, Kate, Cameron, 50, and Jude Law, 49, who also stars in the movie, were all on board for an upcoming sequel, but Kate told PEOPLE, “I read something about that, but it’s the first I’ve heard of it. I promise you not an agent or a representative or anyone from the first one around has had any conversation with me about that. Hand on heart, that’s never come up.”

Writer and director Nancy Meyers also squashed the report, saying, “it’s not true,” but maybe this is Jack’s way to saying he’s interested? Fingers crossed!