Harry Styles Hilariously Rips Glittering Jumpsuit While High Kicking Onstage As Fans Scream: Watch

Harry Styles attempted to cover the tear after he energetically danced to his hit song 'Kiwi,' which caused the costume to split in his thigh area.

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Harry Styles, 28, had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction during a recent show on his Love On Tour. The singer was performing for a giant crowd in Brazil when he started dancing and kicking his legs up, causing a rip to happen in a not-so-convenient area of his sparkly purple and black striped jumpsuit. In an Instagram video that was posted by an attendee he can be seen greeting the crowd by smiling and waving while he used one hand to cover in between his upper legs, where the tear apparently happened.

Once the eye-catching hilarious video started making its rounds around the internet, fans began responding with their thoughts. “OH MY GOSH,” one fan wrote in disbelief. “Only in Brazil,” another shared. “It was bound to happen,” a third wrote along with laughing emojis. “This is so embarrassing,” a fourth pointed out.

Since Harry’s known for being very upbeat and energetic during his shows, the recent rip may not be too surprising, but it definitely led to a memorable moment. Another video showed the talented star holding a gay pride flag tied around his waist to cover the split for the rest of the show. It’s unclear if Harry addressed the malfunction directly on stage, but his fans didn’t seem to mind one bit, as they kept cheering him on and singing along.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles in a different jumpsuit during a previous show. (Ouzounova / SplashNews.com)

Harry’s latest headline-making moment comes on the same day he celebrated the third year anniversary of his sophomore album, Fine Line. He apparently sang the title track of the release while playing an acoustic guitar at his most recent show in honor of the special day. His self-titled debut album was released in 2017 and his third album, Harry’s House, was released earlier this year.

When Harry’s not getting attention for his shows and music, he’s doing so for his dating life. The hunk recently parted ways with actress Olivia Wilde, 38, whom he was in a relationship with for almost two years. The pair reportedly decided to “take a break” as he went overseas to continue his sold out tour.