Cher Admits Her Mom Was In ‘So Much Pain’ Before Dying At Age 96

Days after losing her mother, Cher revealed that her ‘kick a— mom,’ Georgia Holt, had been ‘sick’ for a while.

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“Can’t sleep well,” Cher tweeted in the early hours of Dec. 13, days after the passing of her mother, Georgia Holt. The 96-year-old singer-songwriter and actress passed away on Dec. 10, and Cher, 76, gave more insight into her mother’s last days. “The truth [is]… she’s been sick, [and] rallying. She then got bad. She was in so much pain,” tweeted Cher. “Finally, she coded on the way to [the hospital]. By the time we got the [hospital], the woman who was my KICK ASS MOM was no long[er] here.”

Prior to this tweet, Cher told her followers to “Look for ‘Cher and mom sing ‘I’m Just Your Yesterday”’. You’ll see where I stole my voice.” With this information shared, Cher seemed ready to give herself some much-needed sleep. “Am Sleepy Head Now,” she tweeted, along with a heart, a kiss, and a red balloon emoji.

Cher let her followers know that Georgia had passed by tweeting “Mom is gone” on Dec. 10. The news of the passing was later confirmed by Cher’s rep to The Washington Post. Cher’s mother had struggled with health issues in the months before her passing, having been hospitalized with pneumonia and suffering from other issues.

Hailing from Arkansas, Georgia’s life took her beyond that state and to Hollywood. She worked as an actress, a model, and a singer. In the 1950s, she appeared on shows like The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, and I Love Lucy, according to CNN. She was a presence in Cher’s life as she grew into the living legend that she is today, celebrating her daughter’s successes throughout the decades.

Cher and her mother in 2010. (MEGA)

Georgia also contributed to a piece of Cher lore. “I think men are the coolest,” Cher said in a 1996 interview with Jane Pauley (h/t Bustle). “But you don’t really need them to live. My mom said to me, ‘You know, sweetheart, one day you should settle down and marry a rich man. I said, ‘Mom, I am a rich man.'”

Cher helped her mother achieve a childhood dream with the release of Honky Tonk Woman in 2013. The album, recorded in 1982, included a duet with Cher, titled “I’m Just Your Yesterday.” The song played at the end of the documentary, Dear Mom, Love Cher. “It is such a thrill. I just cried and I cried and I cried,” Holt told the HuffPost in 2013. “I cried from the special, I cried from the album coming out after all these years. My father started me singing at age six.”

“The thing that I think was really important for mom after talking about realizing her dream,” Cher told HuffPost. “She calls me 50 times a day: ‘Oh, honey, I love the new master of the one song; Oh, honey’… everything with mom begins with: Oh, honey. We were talking to mom about what she thinks will happen with the special, and she said, ‘What I really hope will happen is that women will know that there is no sell-by date. It doesn’t make any difference how old you are, you just never have to give up dreaming. You don’t have to give up dreaming because you get to be a certain age.’ So I think that’s amazing.”

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