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Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Favorite Sister In 2022 Year In Review Video: Watch

Kylie Jenner was hesitant to choose her favorite sister in this must-see '2022 Year In Review' video. Watch it now.

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Kylie Jenner held nothing back when she released her ‘My 2022 Year In Review’ video on Youtube and, for the first time, the makeup mogul revealed who her favorite sister is. As fans know, the 25-year-old reality star is close with all her sisters, including Kim, 42, Kourtney, 43, and Khloe Kardashian, 38, as well as Kendall Jenner, 27. So who was her favorite this year? In her own words, “It is really hard because I love them all right now. But I think that my favorite sister this year is probably Khloe. Or, yeah. I am going to go with Khloe. We got a lot closer this year. We are in this little mom club and it’s a whole thing.”

“My favorite sister runner-up. I don’t know. Maybe Kendall. I really love them all. Kim has been great. Kourtney, they are all my best friends. We have had a good year,” Kylie said in the video, which was shared on her YouTube channel on December 12. But that’s not all.

Read below to find out all of Kylie’s favorite things that she revealed in her ‘2022 Year In Review’ video.

Kylie’s favorite trip: “My favorite trip of 2022. My birthday trips are always really special. We went to the Bahamas. Before that, we did a really fun London trip to see Travis perform and I brought my kids. It was a lot of fun,” she told her fans in the video.

Kylie’s favorite movie: “My favorite movie from 2022. I really liked Elvis,” she said.

Kylie’s favorite TV show: “My favorite TV show this year is obviously House of the Dragon. I have watched the whole thing probably five times now,” Kylie said.

Kylie’s favorite event: “My favorite event. I loved the Ulta Beauty event with Kylie Cosmetics. That was really special to celebrate that collaboration,” she told her fans, referring to the collaborative event between Ulta Beauty and her own line of cosmetics products.

Kylie’s favorite outfit:  “My favorite outfit of 2022 was this Paco Rabanne vintage chain-hooded cool shirt. I actually got it when I was pregnant and I was like ‘well I cannot wear this now, but I am going to save this. When I feel confident enough I am going to wear this piece. I think it turned out amazing,” she revealed.

Kylie’s favorite fashion trend: “My favorite fashion trend. I am loving the knee-high boots right now. A lot of black going on. I love any time I get to wear all black,” she said.

Kylie’s favorite TikTok: “My favorite TikTok is any TikTok that I have with my daughter I always think is really cute. She wants to do a lot more TikTok videos. She loves doing videos with me, but I try to limit her TikTok time for sure,” she said. Kylie was not the only sister that had a huge year on TikTok, as her sister Kim appeared in countless TikTok videos with her daughter, North West, 9.

Kylie’s favorite accomplishment: “My favorite accomplishment of the year is probably having another healthy baby and giving birth once again,” she said, referring to the son that she gave birth to in 2022 with rapper, Travis Scott, 31.

Kylie’s favorite memory: “My favorite memory is with my son. My kids are four years apart and it is like a whole new experience again watching them babble for the first time and even grab your hand and try to say words and crawl. It is just amazing to see them learn.”

Kylie’s all-time favorite moment: “My all-time favorite moment of 2022 would be watching my kids become best friends. This has been awesome,” she told her fans before thanking them for watching. “Thank you guys for tuning in. I had so much fun answering these questions with you guys and I will see you soon.”