Alyssa Milano Calls Out Elon Musk For Buying Twitter: He Could’ve ‘Changed The World’ If He Donated That Money

The actress spoke about how much better the billions of dollars spent on Twitter would've been had they gone to a good cause like UNICEF.

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Alyssa Milano was one of the many stars upset about Elon Musk’s decision to buy Twitter and the recent actions he’s taken on the social platform. The actress and activist, 49, said that rather than take the money to “destroy” Twitter, Elon, 51, should’ve put the cash towards a charitable organization. Despite returning her Tesla, she did explain that she was going to keep fighting to share her political beliefs on the platform during an interview on The View on Tuesday, November 29.

When asked about her recent announcement that she returned her Tesla, the Who’s The Boss star explained that she had made the choice after a report surfaced that alleged that Elon had exposed himself and propositioned a SpaceX flight attendant by Business Insider. The billionaire has denied the allegations. As one of the leading figures in the Me Too Movement, Alyssa said she couldn’t keep the car. “When he was accused of sexual misconduct and paid out $250,000 to this person, I decided I can’t live in that hypocrisy of driving that car when that happened,” she said.

Alyssa revealed she bought a VW car after returning her Tesla. (SYSPEO/SIPA/Shutterstock / P&P / MEGA)

Alyssa continued and said that she could only imagine the good that would’ve been done if the SpaceX CEO had put the money towards a noble cause. “I’m so annoyed with these billionaires, with the exception of a few, but especially Elon Musk. You buy Twitter to destroy it for $40 billion. $40 billion. Elon Musk, imagine if he donated that money to UNICEF. He would change the world. There would be no hunger,” she said.

Whoopi Goldberg, who has left Twitter, agreed with Alyssa and said he could still make those kinds of donations. “He could go in his pocket and donate that money,” she said.

When asked about why she’s stayed on Twitter, Alyssa mentioned that she didn’t feel like much had changed for her personally, because she’s “always on the receiving end of trolls.” Still, she said that she didn’t want to more progressive political views to disappear from the website, as more bad faith accounts run wild on it. Whoopi disagreed, but the actress explained that she still wanted her voice to be heard on the platform. “We can’t cede that territory. It’s like a turf war now,” she said. “If we’re not representing our side of the political discourse, aren’t we just saying, ‘Y’know what? You can have Twitter.'”

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