Ivanka Trump Crops Don Jr.’s Fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle Out Of Tiffany’s Wedding Photo

The ladies of 'The View' offered their theories on why Ivanka cropped her future sister-in-law out of a family shot from Tiffany Trump's wedding photos.

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Navigating family photos can be hard, especially once in-laws get involved. Ivanka Trump got involved in some controversy, when she cropped her brother Donald Jr.’s fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle from a family photo at her sister Tiffany’s wedding on Instagram. One of the shots included in a series of photos included Ivanka, 41, with the bride, 29, as well as Tiffany’s mom Marla Maples, 59, stepmom Melania Trump52, and sister-in-law Lara Trump, 40, (whose married to Eric). Even though Kimberly, 53, wasn’t included in the shot, it was apparent that she was cropped out, after Ivanka shared the whole photo on her Instagram Stories.

In the photos, Ivanka rocked a light blue dress, as she posed beside her sister in the stunning wedding dress. Marla went for a lavender gown. Melania went with an off-white, and Lara shimmered in a silver gown. In the full photo, it was clear that Kimberly went for a slightly different approach with a black dress with a wing, posing beside Ivanka in her Grecian gown, at the ceremony on Saturday, November 12.

Kimberly was cropped from a family photo on her future sister-in-law’s Instagram. (Shutterstock)

On The View, Alyssa Farah Griffin, who worked with the family during former President Donald Trump’s administration, suggested the black dress may have been the reasoning behind why she was cut from the Insta.  “Kimberly didn’t understand the assignment. It’s a Florida wedding in November. All the women clearly knew what the palette was, what the look was, and she was dressed like she was going to like a MAGA funeral,” she said. “I probably would’ve cropped her too.”

Tiffany stuns in her wedding dress. (MiamiPIXX/Vaem / BACKGRID)

Co-host Sunny Hostin also made a reference to the “MAGA funeral” dark colors, but she also said that part of the reason may have been because she and Don Jr. have yet to exchange vows. “They’re not married. So if it doesn’t work out, now, she’s in all the pictures in the middle. You’ve got to put her on the side so you can crop her out of the wedding album, should something happen,” she said. “I think they think she’s maybe not going to be the wife.”

Ivanka rocked a light blue gown to her sister’s wedding. (MiamiPIXX/Vaem / BACKGRID)

While Sunny may have emphasized the need for easy cropping should things not work out for the two right-wing commentators, they have been a couple for some time. Kimberly has been engaged to Don Jr. since January. While their wedding plans aren’t clear, the political commentator has been dating the former president’s son since 2018.

While Ivanka didn’t explain why she cut out her future sister-in-law or why she posted the full shot on her Instagram Story, the former White House Advisor did send her best wishes to her younger sister and new brother-in-law in a tweet. “Wishing [Tiffany] and Michael an abundance of happiness and joy as they begin their lives together as husband and wife! May their love be a source of light in this world,” she wrote.