Alyssa Farah Griffin & Sunny Hostin Call Trump ‘The Biggest Loser’ After Midterm Elections

'The View' hosts both said that many Republican losses in the midterm were bad news for the former president's status in the party.

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Alyssa Farah Griffin slammed her old boss, former President Donald Trump, during a “Hot Topic” discussion about the midterm elections on The View on Wednesday, November 9. She declared Trump the “biggest loser,” after many of the Republican candidates he endorsed lost, and co-host Sunny Hostin agreed with her. She put the blame on him for “losing seats Republicans could’ve won,” in the show’s opening segment.

After sharing some initial thoughts on the midterm results that have come in so far, Farah Griffin, who was a White House communications director, turned her focus to Trump, and said that this was a wakeup call for Republicans. “I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the single biggest loser of the night last night was one Donald J. Trump. He dragged down the Republican candidates in a huge way. He insisted on putting up candidates based on their fealty to him, not their qualifications,” she said.

The two women opened up about how the results of the midterms were bad signs for Trump. (Ron Adar / M10s / MEGARW/MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

Farah Griffin explained that she felt that the losses in the midterms may force Republican leaders to reconsider how the party is run going forward. “There are people in my party who apparently the insurrection was not enough of a reason to run the hell away from this guy, but today are saying, we need to really think long and hard about who we are as a party and why this man is our leader,” she said, to much applause. “It might actually be the turning of a page.”

After Farah Griffin shared her thoughts, Hostin echoed her feelings and said she had a positive outlook going forward. “I think this is absolutely right. Trump was the biggest loser last night. I know he hates hearing that. He was the biggest loser last night. Everyone he endorsed—almost everyone—lost,” he said. “By and large, it’s a more hopeful country after yesterday.”

After the commercial break, ABC political correspondent Jonathan Karl joined the ladies at the table and agreed with both women that Trump was, indeed, “the biggest loser,” before offering some more commentary. “The Republicans should’ve cleaned house last night, and where did they lose? They lost in the places where Donald Trump had gone in and meddled in Republican primaries, by the way, something you’ve never seen a former president do,” he said. “His chosen candidates lost. He was a drag on the party over and over again, all across the country.”

Many Trump-endorsed candidates lost in the midterms. (Andrew Harnik/AP/Shutterstock)

Aside from calling out her former boss, Farah Griffin also celebrated the results which have come in so far. She said she was glad to have a more balanced House and Senate. “This is the best I’ve felt about the country,” she said. “This was no red wave. This was not a blue wave. People voted what was right for their community. We’re going to have a bit of a split government. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.”