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Lauren Conrad’s Ex Jason Wahler Picks Between Himself & Paris In Hilarious ‘Hills’ Debate

'The Hills' came to an end over a decade ago, but Lauren Conrad's ex, Jason Wahler, found himself back in the 'Paris vs. Love' debate on Nov. 3.

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Jason Wahler, 35, was asked to pick between Paris or himself, just like Lauren Conrad, 36, did back in the early aughts. When US Weekly asked the former The Hills star the famous question, Jason proved he has had some emotional growth with his answer. “Now looking at it, back then, I would’ve definitely said me,” he told the outlet. “Today, I mean, Paris for sure.” Jason also addressed the “state of mind” he was in when his then-girlfriend chose to stay with him, rather than go to Paris for a coveted Teen Vogue internship. “Looking back the state of mind – mentally and emotionally – where I was at, I mean bless her [Lauren] heart for picking me, I appreciate that,” the actor went on. “But as an adult, today, Paris, for sure.”

lauren & jason
Jason Wahler revealed his choice regarding the famous Paris debate from ‘The Hills’ in a new interview. (SplashNews)

During the interview, Jason also opened up about his thoughts on how the show is still of interest to many fans over 10 years later. “It really is [crazy], definitely in the moment, back then, I did not think it would still be resurfacing,” he said. “It’s crazy how all these years later, how it still comes to light.” Jason also told the outlet how he and his wife, Ashley Slack, don’t discuss his previous relationship or the show. “We don’t really talk about those [shows], she’s very secure and content in her own skin,” he said. He even added that Ashley used to watch the shows, so she will often reference it when their friends bring it up to her.

The proud dad-of-two notably took a moment to reflect on his past, and opened up about some regrets he has. “The one thing that I wish I had pursed in my life that I wish I had stuck with is baseball, it was something that I loved and I cared about,” he said before adding that he didn’t care if he was successful at it. “There’s obviously a lot of things that happened in my life that I’m not proud of,” Jason continued. “But I firmly believe it shaped me into the person I am today, and all great change proceeds through chaos.” The substance abuse recovery advocate also talked about how “cringe” he feels when he sees his appearance on the show all these years later. He made sure to clarify that he will not be re-watching the show, Laguna Beach, as it comes to Netflix this month. “I don’t know that I’ll be tuning in, I’ll probably have to keep that in the back,” he laughed.

The former Laguna Beach starlet famously broke up with Jason after they dated for a year, and Lauren later moved on with William Tell, 42, who she married in 2014. The designer and William welcomed their first sonLiam James, 5, in 2017, and their second son, Charlie Wolf, 3, in 2019. She is now the author of over nine books including, L.A. CandySweet Little LiesInfamous, and Celebrate.

Jason, on the other hand, spends his time helping those who struggle with substance abuse and addiction, per his official website. He and Ashley also work together in producing a YouTube series titled JAWS Diaries. They are parents as well, Ashley and her husband welcomed their first child, Delilah, 4, in 2018, and later welcomed a sonWyatt Ragle, 1, in June 2021.