Lauren Conrad Makes Heartbreaking Confession About Jason Split: I Was Scared For His Life

This is just heartbreaking. Lauren Conrad reveals devastating new details about her breakup with Jason Wahler during the 10-year anniversary of 'The Hills.' She was so worried about 'abandoning' him in the midst of his downward spiral.

Lauren and Jason’s breakup on The Hills was possibly the saddest part of the whole show. Lauren cared so much for Jason, but they just couldn’t make it real. And their relationship was real, it wasn’t fake.

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“We went on a break from filming, it was like a couple of weeks in, I finally decided to end things,” Lauren says in the special. “We broke up and I said, ‘You have three days to get your stuff out. I’m getting the locks changed on Monday.’ That was how we broke up.”

So when Lauren and Jason met up in that iconic Hills scene, it was the first they had seen each other since they broke up. “It was really hard,” she admits. “What made it harder was I could see he wasn’t sober.”

Poor Lauren. She really cared for Jason and didn’t want to see anything bad happen to him.

“I think that just really broke me because I felt a responsibility to take care of him,” she confesses. “And I felt like when we broke up, I was abandoning him because there was a lot of nights that I was getting 2 a.m. calls and I had to go pick him up passed out in the back of a club. So I was like, ‘Who is doing that now?’ He doesn’t have friends that are doing it.”

Jason has since cleaned up and beaten his addiction to drugs. Both Jason and Lauren have moved on. Jason married Ashley Slack in 2013, while Lauren married William Tell in 2014. Jason and Lauren may have broken up long ago, but we’ll never forget their rocky romance.

HollywoodLifers, were you devastated by Jason and Lauren’s split? Let us know!

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