Joe Biden Takes Granddaughter Natalie, 18, Voting For The 1st Time Before Celebrating With Milkshakes: Watch

President Joe Biden's granddaughter Natalie said, 'Everyone's voices matter, no matter what our age is,' in an adorable video shared to his Instagram. Watch it here.

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Image Credit: Tasos Katopodis/AP/Shutterstock

President Joe Biden knows how important for everyone to get out there and vote — and so does his family. On Nov. 2 — just one before the crucial midterm elections on Nov. 8 — President Biden, 79, shared a heartwarming video on his Instagram, which featured his beautiful granddaughter, Natalie Biden, who had just celebrated her 18th birthday. “Hey I’m Natalie Biden and I just turned 18 and I am going to vote for the first time with my Pop,” Natalie said at the beginning of the touching video, to which the President responded, “I am so excited for her. This is the first time. The first vote. God love her.” In the next scene, President Biden was driving a car, with his granddaughter in the passenger seat. She was holding the camera and said, “We’re on our way.” She then turned to Joe and asked, “Are you excited Pop?” He responded, “I’m excited to be voting with you, honey. It’s a big deal.”

In the next shot of the video, which got nearly 400,00 likes in the first few hours after it was posted, Natalie and her “Pop” just finished voting and were back in the car. “Well now that I voted, it was a much easier experience than I thought it would be. It was very easy when I was in the voting booth. I really feel like I made a difference, you know. Everyone’s voices matter no matter what our age is,” Natalie said.

Toward the end of the video, the camera switched to a shot of her and the President. Each of them was holding up a milkshake. Natalie added, “And we got our triple thick milkshake. Black and white milkshakes to celebrate. “Cheers to celebrate.” President Biden, who also got a milkshake told his followers, “Cheers to voting.” Natalie ended the cute video by saying, “Cheers, Pop.” The video ends with a message to followers, which simply read,

The president proudly shared the video with his social media fans. In the caption, he wrote, “There’s nothing like a triple-thick black and white milkshake to celebrate my granddaughter Natalie’s first time voting. Make your plan to vote early or on Election Day at the link in my bio.” The video has gotten a ton of comments from celebrities, as well as supporters. Actress Andie McDowell wrote, “She is beautiful. Looks kind as well.” Instagram user @sighxmatthew commented, “this is so heartwarming.” Instagram user @mommagame wrote, “love it. real people. refreshing.”

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