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Kim Kardashian Thinks Ray J’s Hangout With Kanye West Was Completely ‘Disrespectful’

Kim Kardashian did 'not appreciate' her exes Kanye West and Ray J reuniting for a film premiere on October 12.

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Kim Kardashian reacts Ray J Kanye hangout
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Kim Kardashian was not pleased after news broke that two of her exes, Kanye West, 45, and Ray J, 41, reunited at Candace Owens’ film premiere in Nashville on Oct. 12. Both men were in attendance for the event when they came face-to-face for some red carpet snapshots. A few sources close to the SKIMS founder EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife how Kim felt about Ye & Ray’s recent run-in.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Ray J hangout
Kim Kardashian was not happy that Ray J and Kanye West reunited (Casey Flanigan/imageSPACE/Shutterstock)

“Kim doesn’t get what Ray’s end game is here. She thinks he’s being disrespectful and wishes he would move on already,” an insider revealed. “Kim doesn’t understand why he would want to pursue this drama so much when he claims how much he hates it. She has decided to tune him out and remain focused on the things in her life that matter to her.”

“Kim was not happy to see Ray J trying to get close to Kanye,” another source said. “Poor Kim is sick to her stomach over everything that’s going on with Kanye right now but she’s got to keep a smile on her face and act like she’s fine because the last thing she wants is for her kids to be upset by any of this. They love their dad so much and she feels the need to protect them from anything negative about him, no matter what he puts her through personally, that’s just the kind of mom she is. So, the fact that Ray J is trying to stir the pot right now is not appreciated, to say the least.”

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Ray J hangout
Kanye West and Ray J reunited at Candace Owens’ film premiere in Nashville on Oct. 12 (Keith Griner/MEGA)

A third friend close to the reality star explained, “Kim thought that Kanye and Ray J could not disrespect her any more than they already had, but this proved her wrong. The fact that they would show a public display of friendship for one another right after all Ray J just put her and Kris (Jenner) on blast absolutely blows Kim’s mind. She does not understand anything that Kanye is doing right now, and he knows more than anyone the hurt that Ray J has caused her. She is absolutely upset by this, and she let Kanye know this. But her family told her to blow it off, as it is obvious that Kanye is disregarding her feelings for his own agenda right now.”

As we previously reported, The “Jesus Walks” rapper and “Let It Go” singer exchanged a few words as they reunited for Candace’s film premiere of The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM.

“There is a lot of history that goes back years and years between Ray J and Kanye, so it was a great feeling coming together to show support for a good cause,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HL at the time. “Despite Ray J and Kanye‘s rocky past, the vibe truly felt like they had put that behind them to focus on the bigger picture here.” Kanye and Ray J, who were both romantically involved with Kim, had made headlines for dissing each other in songs, including Ye’s “Highlights” and Ray J’s “I Hit It First,” over the years, but now that they’ve both moved on from the reality star, it seems they can find a common ground that allows them to reconcile.

“After everything they’ve both experienced with Kim and her family, it was almost a situation where the enemy of your enemy is your friend,” the source continued. “Ray feels like the only drama he ever had with Kanye involved the Kardashians, and he’d rather not argue with someone that have done them both wrong in his eyes. After everything that’s happened, Ray feels like it’s time to put the beef between him and Kanye in the past. [The premiere] was all about love and positivity, and although Ray has no idea where things will go from here, it was good to see they could both be men and focus on the most important things which was Candace’s premiere.”