Christopher Meloni Gets Naked To Work Out For New Peloton Ad: Watch

Just call him Detective STUDler! Christopher Meloni showed off his hot body as he stripped down to do exercises on Peloton's app.

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Christopher Meloni
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Christopher Meloni wasn’t lying when he said he likes to work out naked. The 61-year-old actor completely removed his clothes except for a pair of white socks for a new Peloton video advertisement that was released on July 14. Chris flaunted his physique figure, including his impressive abs, as he worked out his entire body using Peloton’s exercise app. “Apparently, the way I work out is strange,” a naked Chris said as he lifted weights. “Honestly, I don’t get it. I don’t think using the Peloton app is strange at all.”

Chris Meloni
Christopher Meloni (Photo: Peloton/Youtube)

The Law & Order: SVU star praised Peloton’s “amazing” app and explained how it gets him “motivated to do lots of different workouts.” Those workouts, which Chris tried out fully nude, include yoga, cardio, and meditation. He even did some strength training inside, during which he flashed his bare butt at the camera. Chris also went for a run in the park and his naked body caught a dog’s attention.

After finishing his workouts, Chris stretched out his nude body and a voiceover hilariously poked fun at his lack of clothing. “In the Peloton community, users are represented by two separate, yet equally motivated groups Those who wear pants… and Christopher Meloni,” the voiceover said.

Christopher Meloni
Christopher Meloni at the 2022 NBC Universal Upfronts (Photo: Shutterstock)

In May, Chris told People at the 2022 NBCUniversal Upfronts that he works out naked in his home gym. “And I don’t black out the window. And I’m okay with that,” he revealed. The actor confessed that his wife, Sherman Williams, is not too pleased about the habit, though. As for why he prefers working out at home alone, Chris explained, “People don’t put the weights away, and I’m OCD. I’m like, how hard is it [to put them away]?”

Chris consistently works out his entire body including his butt, which was the center of attention in April 2021 after a fan snapped a photo of him filming Law & Order in New York City. The photo made Chris look like he had quite a lot of junk in the trunk. Months later, he reflected on the attention with humor. “I catch flies with my ass cheeks, like a Venus flytrap,” he joked to Men’s Health during his cover interview, where he also admitted that he was proud to be labeled a “zaddy.”