Megan Fox, Kerry Washington, & More Celebs React To Highland Park Shooting

Megan Fox, Rob Reiner, Kerry Washington, and more celebrities took to social media to speak out about the tragic mass shooting that took place at a July 4th parade in Illinois, leaving six dead and more than 24 injured.

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Megan Fox and Rob Reiner are just two of many celebrities speaking out about the mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois. The tragic incident, which happened at a July 4th parade, left six people dead and more than 24 people injured, casting a shadow on what was supposed to be a celebratory holiday. Once the sad news made headlines, it didn’t take long for various stars to use social media to react to the incident and make statements about gun control.

Take a look at some of the familiar faces and their posts about the shooting below.

Megan Fox

Megan shared a lengthy message to her Instagram story that mentioned the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent overturn of Roe v. Wade, and fans quickly reposted it to their own Instagram or Twitter accounts. “f*ck yes government! take away womens rights to our own bodies…but whatever you do America, please! keep insuring that these incels have easy and legal access to military grade firearms,” she wrote sarcastically in the beginning of the post.

“The Supreme Court would rather focus on restricting women and LGBTQIA’s than focus on getting weapons out of the hands of dangerous violent and mentally unstable individuals,” she concluded.

Rob Reiner

Rob encouraged others to vote to try and change the recent outcomes of the U.S. Supreme Court decisions and gun violence. “To be 100% clear. There will be nothing significant done on Gun Safety, Women’s Reproductive Rights, Voting Rights, the Environment, or anything else unless we hold the House, add 2 Senate seats, and kill the filibuster. VOTE!!!” he wrote in a tweet.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington talked about a cycle continuing if “real change and action” is not done, in a tweet on Twitter, and shared a photo of a drawing of a written out cycle order that included phrases like, “mass shooting, media extravaganza, thoughts and prayers, social media gun debates, no one actually does anything, and back to ‘normal'” before it started from the beginning again.

“The cycle continues. It’s going to continue until we see real CHANGE and ACTION for stricter gun laws,” she wrote in the caption of her tweet.

Ana Navarro

Ana Navarro posted a photo of mail she received from the National Rifle Association and added a message that told them to get her off of their list. “Hey, @NRA. Get my name the hell off your list. I think you’re a gross, corrupt organization, which puts money and influence over lives, and is complicit in holding elected officials hostage in the face of the mass-shooting epidemic afflicting America. Keep your free gift,” she wrote.

Richard Marx

Richard Marx, who grew up in Highland Park, didn’t hesitate to tweet about the shooting and his heartbreak over it. He also followed his tweet up with several retweets from others condemning the current gun laws in the U.S. and the NRA. “I grew up in Highland Park. I’m actively reaching out to check on the welfare of people I still know there. My heart is always broken by these constant mass shootings no matter where they occur but today I’m extra heartbroken. And extra angry at the senselessness,” his tweet read.

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