Faith Hill Admits She Was Grossed Out by Growing Armpit Hair For ‘1883’: ‘Never Again’: Watch

Faith Hill revealed that she was required to stop shaving her underarms for several months while filming '1883.'

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Faith Hill 1883
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Country star Faith Hill gave some interesting personal information about how she transformed into her character for the show, 1883. In the Yellowstone prequel, Faith plays Margaret Dutton alongside her real life husband Tim McGraw, who plays the role of James Dutton. The miniseries follows the story of a family traveling from Tennessee to Montana in the 19th century.

Faith Hill 1883
Faith Hill in the Show ‘1883’ (Paramount +)

Given the time period of the show, Faith revealed that she had to stop shaving her body, including her armpits, in order to be more accurately reflective of the setting. In an interview with Variety, the “This Kiss” singer told Courtney Cox that she wasn’t a particular fan of the whole ordeal, which was requested by Taylor Sheridan, the show’s creator.

“That was really difficult, and Taylor actually called my husband. We were at a wedding, our nephew’s wedding, and he said, ‘Who’s gonna be the one to tell your wife that she has to stop shaving under her arms?’” the country star revealed. “And I’m thinking, ‘What? We’re at a wedding. Can this wait?’ He goes, ‘No, stop tonight.” Therefore, Faith was forced to put the razor down for several months before shooting. (You can watch the full segment in the video above, at the 10:00 mark)

Faith Hill 1883
Faith Hill in the show ‘1883’ (Paramount +)

Faith was desperate enough to preserve her bare underarms, that she even suggested that she tape fake hair to her armpits instead during the show, but the idea was shot down. She then noted that she would even consider taking up laser hair removal due to the unpleasant nature of the experience. “I don’t laser, but I may now, so I never have to do that again. It really grossed me out, I have to say,” she added.

However, Faith noted that she sees nothing wrong with women who choose to forgo shaving, it’s just not a choice that she would personally make. “All due respect to those who love that, and all that freedom, woo!” She said. “But for me, personally, I just don’t like it.” Well, got to respect a woman who knows what she likes, no matter what that is!