Andie MacDowell, 64, Admits She ‘Likes’ Her Gray Hair As She Embraces Aging: ‘I Am Happier’

Andie MacDowell revealed she first started seeing her gray roots during COVID and is now having the 'time' of her 'life,' in a new interview.

Andie MacDowell
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Image Credit: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock

Andie MacDowell, 64,  “really likes” her natural gray hair. The actress, who recently started letting her lighter tresses grow out for the world to see, admitted she is “happier” now that she’s embracing the aging process and is glad she’s letting herself “experience” it for what it is, in a new interview. “During COVID, I could see the roots with my face and with my skin and my eyes, and I liked it,” she told PEOPLE at the New York premiere of her new film Good Girl Jane. “I felt that I would be happier. And I am happier. I really like it.”

The beauty, who once had all dark hair, also revealed she’s witnessed her sister’s hair going completely silver and she’s “jealous” her hair hasn’t gotten to that full-on color yet. “My sister’s full-on silver and she’s only 18 months older than me. I thought she looked so much more beautiful being silver,” she explained. “I was jealous.”

Andie MacDowell
Andie MacDowell with her gorgeous gray hair. (Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock)

“I’m 64, and this is the time of my life,” she added about learning to accept her natural hair. “Eventually, I’m going to be silver. And I wanted to have this experience of feeling what it is.”

Despite liking her new silver mane, Andie further admitted getting older and accepting the changes the come with it isn’t always easy. “Your belly gets bigger as you get older too. And I’ve had three babies,” she said. “I’m constantly having to work on loving that part of my body. It’s so hard.”

Andie MacDowell with her dark hair. (Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

“Believe me, it gets even harder,” she went on. “Because after menopause, your hormones change, your shape changes. And I’ve got a very perceptive eye. So you see it. I will see it on other people, I’ll see it on myself.” 

Andie is the mother of three children, including Justin, 26, Rainey, 32 and Margaret, 27, who she shares with her ex-husband Paul Qualley, and since two of her daughters are actresses, they know the standard of beauty they sometimes feel the pressure to meet. They still, however, give their mom a pep talk and remind her the things she taught them whenever she’s down about herself. “If I ever say anything demeaning about myself, because I’ve taught them not to do that, they’ll say, ‘Why are you doing what you told us not to do?’,” she said.

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