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Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Admits She’s Going To See Him Again After Dating Speculation

Johnny Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez says she will be seeing her client again as fans continue to wonder if there was anything romantic going between them behind-the-scenes.

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Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp
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Camille Vasquez is continuing to show her support for Johnny Depp beyond the courtroom after she helped him win a $15 million verdict in his defamation trial against ex Amber Heard.

On Wednesday in New York City, the 37-year-old spoke about her famous client after appearing on the TODAY show and posed for photos with fans, also responding to questions from the Daily Mail about the nature of she and Johnny’s relationship.

Camille confirmed that she planned to see the Pirates of the Caribbean actor sometime again. but she didn’t say exactly when. When asked if she was a fan of Johnny’s music ventures, Camille responded, “Yes. Yes, of course we are!” referencing herself and her fellow trial lawyer. 

Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp
Camille Vasquez & Johnny Depp in the court room (Shutterstock).

Camille  emerged as a point of fascination for many who paid close attention to the trial, as fans pointed out their love for the lawyer (now named partner at her firm) as well as a potential romantic spark between she and Johnny.

During the trial, the majority of Camille’s objections were sustained by Judge Penney Azcarate, and the lawyer was praised by her forthright tactics by Johny’s fans online, who often called her a “queen” for her performance. On TikTok, videos with #CamilleVasquez have currently collected over 540 million views.

Johnny Depp, Camille Vasquez
Johnny Depp & Camille Vasquez hugging in the court room (Shutterstock).

Moreover, after Camille and Johnny shared some intimate hugs and smiles in the court room, fans have come up with various theories on the potential love connection between the two.

“Camille has a boyfriend and this is such a reach,” a source close to Camille recently told Us Weekly, denying the rumors. “It’s complete fiction.”

Even so, Camille herself hasn’t completely denied the idea outright. In addition to the aforementioned responses to Daily Mail, when Camille was recently stopped by TMZ to answer to the speculation, she simply let out a coy giggled and smiled at reporters, perhaps letting the idea continue to linger in fans’ minds.