‘Stranger Things’ Theory: Why Eddie May Die By The End Of Season 4

Eddie Munson has become an instant fan favorite after his debut in 'Stranger Things' season 4. Given what we know about Vecna and a key moment from the trailer we haven't seen, could Eddie's days be numbered?

Joseph Quinn
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Eddie Munson stole our hearts from the moment he stepped onto the screen in the first episode of Stranger Things season 4. The Hawkins crew quickly rallied around him after he was falsely accused of killing Chrissy, who was murdered at the hands of Vecna. When it comes to Stranger Things, no one is safe. Many characters are on death watch, including Eddie.

There’s some solid evidence that Eddie’s death may happen by the end of season 4. First and foremost, things look equally dire for Eddie in the real world as they do in the Upside Down. Even though the Hawkins crew and the audience knows that Eddie is innocent, that doesn’t mean the town will ever believe that a monster killed Chrissy and the others. There’s a manhunt out for Eddie, and if Jason and his gang don’t get to him first, it’s highly likely that Eddie will be arrested and thrown in jail.

Stranger Things
Steve, Eddie, Nancy, and Robin in the Upside Down. (Netflix)

In the final episode of Volume 1, there is a crucial moment that possibly foreshadows Eddie’s death in the final two episodes. Eddie talks to Steve about being jealous of him and how Nancy dove right into the lake to save Steve. He says, “Outside of D&D, I am no hero. I see danger and I just turn heel and run. Or at least that’s what I’ve learned about myself this week.”

When the official trailer for season 4 launched in April 2022, fans got to see a quick glimpse of Eddie playing his beloved guitar in what looked like the Upside Down. That scene was not in Volume 1 of season 4.

These moments could be setting up Eddie’s big hero moment in Volume 2. In the last moments of Volume 1, Eddie and Robin manage to get out of the Upside Down through a gate at Eddie’s trailer. Nancy begins to climb through the gate but doesn’t make it back to Hawkins because she’s been cursed by Vecna. Steve is seen desperately trying to wake Nancy up before Vecna kills her.

What if Eddie decides to go back to the Upside Down to save Nancy? He could easily grab his guitar from his trailer and begin to play it so Nancy and Steve can escape. After all, we know that music has the ability to pull a victim away from Vecna. It worked with Max and Victor Creel.

In the trailer, it appears that Eddie is on the roof of his trailer rocking out. This would be a fitting way for Eddie to go out — as a total rock star legend and hero. Eddie could die at the hands of Vecna, but his legacy would live on forever.

Stranger Things
Eddie jamming out in the season 4 trailer. (Netflix)

Since this is Stranger Things, anything is possible. Eddie could easily survive season 4, even after saving Nancy and Steve with his rock star moment. When asked if he’d be back for season 5, Joseph Quinn told Digital Spy. “Oh, yeah, I think so. I can’t see why not. I’d be furious if they’re not bringing me back.” All will be revealed in due time when the final two episodes of season 4 premiere July 1 on Netflix.

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