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‘Kardashians’ Fans Are Convinced Tristan Thompson Looked Worried About Affair In Premiere

A fan's recent TikTok closely examines the first episode of 'The Kardashians' for what could be an indicator of Tristan Thompson's knowing guilt of his cheating scandal -- before the news broke to the public.

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Fans are already dissecting every moment of The Kardashians! In a recent TIkTok of the first episode, one fan suspects Tristan Thompson was looking “deffo” nervous about what he thought was Khloe Kardashian finding out about his most recent paternity scandal on camera.

“Khloe, look at this,” Kim Kardashian says to her sister at a family barbecue while carrying her son Saints tablet. “What? Let me see,” Khloe replied, Kim added, “I feel like you’re the only one that would understand.”

“Guys I’m crying, Tristan’s heart was deffo pounding,” the user wrote over the video, making a hint that the NBA player seemed nervous about what Kim was showing to her sister, ostensibly thinking it was something related to his affair with Texas trainer Maralee Nichols — the likes of which had not yet been revealed when the episode was filmed.


BYEEE😭😭 he was deffo like oh shittt here we go again 😭😭 sorry bye😭. We call this the look of GUILT. #kardashians #tristanthompson #guilty #disneyplus #kimk #fupシ

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Other social media users confirmed the TikToker’s thoughts on the matter, as one fan commented, “The way his face dropped.” Other users wrote that they didn’t realize the moment when they first watched the episode, but now … it all makes sense.

What Kim wanted to show her sister, however, had nothing to do with Tristan, but was actually a meme. “There was a picture of my cry face, and then it said something super inappropriate, like, ‘Kim’s new sex tape,’” she stated in a confessional, noting that the upsetting content popped up on her 6-year-old son’s iPad when he was playing Roblox.

Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian
Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian on a movie date before they split (Backgrid)

The news first broke in early December about Tristan fathering a child with Maralee. Tristan initially disputed being the father, but tests confirmed his paternity, further revealing his sexual relationship with the trainer at the time he was trying to repair his relationship with Khloe, with whom he already shares 3-year-old True.

He recently took to his social media again to seemingly share his feelings about his current baby mama drama. “Let the past guide you rather than making you feel guilty,” the professional basketball player, 31, posted via his Instagram story on March 16. “Let the future excite you rather than making you feel anxious. Let the present be a gift to you to feel alive rather than a curse that makes you live in the past or future.” The quote was anonymous, seemingly from another source, but Tristan approved the sentiments by adding two speaking head emoji over the post.