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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck’s ‘Elaborate’ Wedding Plans: Plus, Why They’ll Invite Jennifer Garner

After news of their engagement broke last Friday, more details are being revealed about the big day for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: 'no expenses will be spared.'

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are gearing up for an amazing wedding and our sources are revealing all the details! “Ben and Jen want to have an elaborate and grand wedding and no expenses will be spared,” an insider EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife. “Even if they were to make it private, between their families and their children, it would be a huge wedding whether they wanted to or not.”

The source went on to share that while the couple hasn’t yet picked out a date, they’re both sure of the kind of ceremony they’re looking for. “They talked about it extensively then and nothing has really changed [since they were engaged the first time] except that they both now have to add more people to their guest list now because they did not have children then,” the source went on.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez at the ‘Marry Me’ premiere (John Salangsang/Shutterstock).

Moreover, our insider noted that both Ben and Jen want to include their kids in the wedding parties, since they are “becoming like family now.” Another big reveal is that Ben’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, will also be included on the guest list.

“She is a part of Ben’s family and there is no reason why she wouldn’t be invited,” the source shared. “Whether or not she will go is up to her. She has gotten rather close with J.Lo and the two of them are on speaking terms for sure. They know that this is important to their children.”

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner
Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner (Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock ).

The insider continued by sharing how the ceremony will “most likely be in Los Angeles” since it would be the “easiest” locale for everyone close to the families. They also decided on “late summer or fall,” talking about the date being under their astrological sign of Leo. “This has also been talked about and discussed the first time they were engaged, as they truly feel that there is something greater than themselves that brought them together this time, as well as the first time,” the source shared.

As far as Ben’s ex’s reaction to the engagement? The actress was apparently “completely favorable” to the news, and even congratulated forthcoming husband-and-wife. “Jennifer Garner and Ben have been broken up for a very long time and there is no reason whatsoever that she would be upset about this,” the source shared. “She is happy if he is sober and he is doing well, both of which he is and both of which are of utmost importance to JLo. The two women have respect for each other as mothers and as individuals. They are on speaking terms and have had numerous talks. They know that they are going to be a part of each other’s families for life through this marriage.”