‘Upload’s Robbie Amell: The ‘Mystery’ Surrounding Nathan’s Killer Is A ‘Driving Force’ In Season 2

'Upload' season 2 is finally here! HL got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Robbie Amell and Andy Allo about the mystery surrounding Nathan's killer and what to expect on the Nathan and Nora romance front.

Upload was one of the first shows to premiere during the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost two years later, the delightful show is back for its highly-anticipated second season. Just like the show left off at the end of season 1, season 2 picks up right in the middle of the action.

There are many questions to be answered in Upload season 2. Who really killed Nathan? Will Nathan and Nora finally get together? HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Robbie Amell and Andy Allo about what’s ahead on the Prime Video series.

Andy Allo Robbie Amell
Andy Allo and Robbie Amell as Nora and Nathan. (Amazon Studios)

We sort of ended right in the middle of the action and cut right in the middle of things. Where do we pick up in season 2 with Nathan?
Robbie Amell: Right where we left off. I’m still frozen at the beginning of season 2. It is a direct pick-up. The first 2 episodes, there’s a little bit of a time lapse between the two of them, but the show picks up immediately where it left off, which I think is pretty important because the cliffhanger was not insignificant.

With Nora, where is she headed from here?
Andy Allo: Well, the way season 1 ends is Nora is headed to the Lud camp, so that’s where we start is really getting in an inside look of Lud life, being off the grid. It’s really cool. There’s some interesting people there that you’ll get introduced to.

Ingrid continues to be quite the nuisance. She has uploaded herself. What does Ingrid and Nathan’s dynamic look like this season given this twist? 
Robbie Amell: I just always thought it was such a great cliffhanger that Ingrid uploads at the end of season 1 because it’s just the worst possible scenario for Nathan. He was trying to create space and get away. He had fallen in love with Nora, and then everything comes crashing down on him. He’s not able to say “I love you” back even though you know that he does. Ingrid shows up and he’s kind of right back to the beginning of season 1, where he has this possessive, little bit crazy girlfriend. The girl he is in love with is nowhere to be seen. Nathan’s definitely on a little bit of a try and find Nora, try and figure out what to do about Ingrid. And then he still has Kevin who’s kind of his third wheel at all times in the best kind of way.

I know we ended with everyone knowing that he wants to say it, but is he actively going to try to say it [I love you] back? 
Robbie Amell: I mean, Nathan is on a mission to find Nora and to make things right, and to see if there’s still something there. But she has a new boyfriend, and she’s moved on in the Lud camp so who knows?

Nathan and Nora’ had a connection right off the bat. It seems like they’re in different directions this season. What can you say about how they’re going to reconnect? 
Andy Allo: I think it’ll be a satisfying journey I think for the audience to see how they reconnect and how they deal with being with other people, and what that’s like. It’s awkward when you move on from someone, but maybe there’s feelings there still, but I don’t know. He’s going to have to really, really work hard to win Nora’s love back. I’m just saying.

Andy Allo
Andy Allo as Nora in season 2. (Amazon Studios)

Robbie Amell: The interesting thing too is they fell in love, but they were never actually given the opportunity to be together. They were just starting to kind of decide to take that leap, and then everything falls apart. I think it’s interesting to see both of them on their own and how they interact, like Andy said, with other people while still obviously thinking about the other one and trying to find out if they missed something or if somebody really said something or wanted to say something but didn’t have a chance, and the other person should have known that they felt that way.

In the first season, Nathan was grappling with the man that he was and the man he is now. How is dealing with both of those roles?
Robbie Amell: I think it’s a nice thing as an actor to be able to grapple with because it’s kind of a question that’s pretty relatable: can somebody change? Nathan was given this beautiful, beautiful opportunity to change because of this memory block and not remembering kind of the bad things that he had done in his life. He met Nora and saw what life could be, and I think there was a big perspective shift for him in season 1 of somebody who is struggling multiple jobs to take care of themselves and their father who’s sick. I just think that he saw that maybe the things that he was into in his life were pretty material and maybe he wasn’t quite as thoughtful as he should have been. He just learned a lot from Nora. And I think that’s a big part of their relationship, and then falling in love together. Now he’s back in season 2 with kind of the driving force behind the material version of Nathan, and I think it’s interesting to see the difference of, obviously, throughout most of season 1 he’s moving more towards the Nora personality, but the Ingrid was still there. In season 2, Ingrid is a very different person than Nathan. I think you get to see that kind of odd dynamic, and then maybe you even get to see her start to grow a little bit. Uploading seems to do that to people. It’s like, for some reason, you have to die to figure out you were living wrong.

Allegra Edwards
Allegra Edwards and Robbie Amell in season 2. (Amazon Studios)

There have been a lot of theories about who killed Nathan? Will we get that answer in season 2? 
Robbie Amell: I don’t know how much I should give away, but the mystery is definitely a driving force in season 2. I think what Greg does so well with this show is he kind of walks this fine line of a comedy and a mystery and a romance and a satirical look at capitalism and income inequality. Everything’s done with such a light touch. Greg [Daniels] and the writers are so unbelievably talented, and we’re just so lucky to get to bring the scripts that they write to life.  I think that people looking for that mystery aspect will be happy with what’s delivered in season 2.

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