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‘Siesta Key’: Juliette Reveals Why She Broke Up With Sam & How She Met New BF Clark

Ahead of the season 4B premiere of 'Siesta Key,' we caught up with Juliette Porter for all the scoop on her split from Sam Logan, how she bounced back with a new relationship and much more!

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Season 4B of Siesta Key will be heavily focused on Juliette Porter’s split from Sam Logan after nearly two years of dating. The couple ended their relationship during the summer of 2021. Juliette told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that things started getting “rough” between her and Sam while filming the season 4A reunion in June 2021, and things were even more “rocky” when they got home and started filming again.

“You really started to see the cracks form,” Juliette admitted. “We just didn’t get along. We just weren’t compatible. We were from two different worlds. He wanted me to be his girl that did anything with him and for him, like his mother, basically. I just wasn’t going to be that person. I couldn’t be that person. Ultimately, we just ended up breaking up, and it was hard, for sure. It was a really stressful time in my life.”

By October, though, Juliette already had a new man in her life. Fans first learned of her romance with Clark Drum when she brought him to Madisson Hausburg’s wedding in October. The 24-year-old told us that the wedding was her first time bringing Clark around the group after meeting him unexpectedly. “Chloe [Trautman] was the one who initiated me meeting Clark,” Juliette dished. “She stole my phone, went to my Instagram, found him, messaged him and then he texted me, like, immediately.”

Juliette said that things with Clark are completely different than what she had with Sam. “I really didn’t expect it to happen the way it did,” she admitted. “He was literally the first and only guy I talked to after Sam. We just immediately got along so well. He’s everything that Sam wasn’t. He’s everything that works for me and he makes me so happy. He benefits my life, which is what a relationship should be. With Clark, it’s so easy. We don’t even live in the same city, but it’s still so easy because he makes me happy.”

See more of our EXCLUSIVE interview with Juliette below:

On filming with Sam after the breakup: I kind of avoided him when i could. I actually just left the country one day, which you’ll see. I was like…I can’t do this. And they’re like, ‘But we’re in the middle of filming.’ And I’m like, ‘I gotta go! I’m literally leaving the country, bye!’ That was kind of my way of dealing with it. Sometimes you need to just get out of town and give yourself time to think about the whole situation without feeling the pressure of others.

On moving in with Sam before she was ready: In a way, I wish I hadn’t moved in with him. It gave me even less independence. I need my space to figure myself out and live my own life and I didn’t end up getting that anymore. At the same time, I’m also happy I did it because I was able to learn my lesson with that. I probably will never move in with someone again until I know it’s going to work. If I’m ever having doubts again, that’s a sign.

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The cast photo for season 4b of ‘Siesta Key.’ (MTV)

On bringing Clark around the group for the first time: I was shaking. I was really nervous that whole day [at Madisson’s wedding]. I didn’t even really know him that well when I brought him to the wedding. I got to learn about him during that situation. He can talk to anyone. Everyone loves him. He gets along with everybody. It’s so nice. I really didn’t have that with Sam. He was hard to bring around anywhere, honestly.

On why she’s excited for people to see her this season: I think I actually set a pretty good example this season, better than I have in the past. I think I handled the breakup really well. I think I handled it well, completely, actually. Others will say differently, but I’m not upset about one thing that happened in the way that I handled that situation. I hope people kind of learn from what I did. I swear, no reaction is the best reaction, and I had to learn that the hard way. I think the fact that I really kept my cool and tried to keep my composure throughout weeks and weeks of moments that were trying to get me upset, I’m really proud of myself.