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‘Euphoria’ Star Thinks Ashtray Could Still Be Alive After Shocking Season 2 Finale

Could Ashtray live to see another day? 'Euphoria' star Javon Walton weighs in on the 'Euphoria' season 2 finale and reveals his 'hope' that Ash is still alive.

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Javon Walton
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The Euphoria season 2 finale featured one of the most intense action scenes fans have ever seen. A S.W.A.T. team raided Fezco’s apartment after Custer stopped by for a visit. Ashtray killed Custer and locked himself in the bathroom with guns and ammo. The youngster engaged in a shootout with police, which ended with Ashtray being killed off-camera.

Javon Walton
Javon Walton as Ashtray in the season 2 finale. (HBO)

Or was he? One of the most important rules of television is you have to see a body to really know a character is dead. We never actually see Ashtray die. All we see is a laser pointed right at Ashtray’s head after he shoots a cop and a sudden thud when another cop takes a shot. All eyes are on Fezco, who is bleeding out in the hallway and forced to watch Ashtray get shot.

It would have been jarring to watch Ashtray, whose portrayer Javon Walton is only 15 years old, to be shot dead on-camera. But for Javon, whatever happened to Ashtray off-screen gives him hope.

“Man, I just hope he’s alive,” Javon told Esquire. “Because I’m sure he didn’t just get shot one time by taking cover in the bathtub and getting shot through the wall.” He adds, “You know that Fez needs Ash, and Ash needs Fez. They both really rely on each other, so it’s going to be really hard for both of them.”

Fezco was arrested after the raid was over. Javon is adamant that Fezco will find a way out of jail — and he’ll find his way back to Ashtray. “With Fez in jail, I feel like he’s going to get out no matter what,” Javon said. “I don’t know how, but I feel like he’s definitely going to be able to get out somehow. And Ash is definitely going to find a way back to him because that’s the person he cares about most to him. That’s what I would want to happen, is for Ash and Fez to reunite. People love the Ash and Fez duo. The Fesh train!”

Angus Cloud as Fez
Angus Cloud as Fez. (HBO)

However, Angus Cloud’s post-finale interview definitely drives home that Ashtray is in fact dead. “It was a sad day ’cause we really close,” Angus said about his last day with Javon. “Javon, that’s like my little bro in real life. That’s my bro. That’s fam.”

As much as we would like Ashtray to be alive, things just don’t look good for Fez’s little bro. After shooting that cop, Ashtray’s fate was pretty much sealed. Euphoria will return for season 3.