‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Preview: Amy Reveals She’s ‘Trying’ For Baby #2 — Watch

Gage may be getting a little brother or sister sooner rather than later! In this EXCLUSIVE '1000-Lb. Sisters' preview, Amy reveals that she's making plans for a second child.

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Amy Slaton’s family doesn’t hesitate to ask Amy if she’s looking to expand her family. Amanda asks Amy in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the January 24 episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters if she’s trying for another baby. “I’m not trying to prevent it, but I’m not trying to get it either,” Amy says.

Amy Slaton
Amy Slaton in the January 24 episode. (TLC)

Amanda replies that she found an ovulation kit in the bathroom. Amy is flustered because she didn’t want to tell everything this information. “Yeah, I’m trying. Because my ovaries are getting older,” Amy tells Amanda, before adding that she doesn’t want to be “too old” when she has a second baby.

As for Misty, she’s worried about whether or not this is the right decision at the moment. “I honest to god think Amy’s rushing it,” Misty admits. “She’s still trying to lose weight, get her stuff together over that. I was hoping Amy would give it a little bit more space in between ’em so it wouldn’t be as hard on her.”

Misty brings up Amy’s annual check-up with Dr. Proctor. She tells Amy to run this baby #2 idea by him first. Amy says that she will when she gets up there for her next appointment. “I’m just saying if it happens, I’m not mad about it,” Amy tells the group.

Amy confirmed that she and husband Michael are expecting their second child via YouTube in early January 2022. “The baby is due July 18th, but it’s a c-section and I’m getting my tubes tied and all that, so probably July 5th,” Amy revealed in the video announcement.

Amy and Michael’s son, Gage, turned one in November 2021. Amy’s first pregnancy was a risky one. Her doctor had told her to wait 2 years after her weight loss surgery to get pregnant, but she only waited 4 months. The series 1000-Lb. Sisters airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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