Steve Harvey Cringes Over Sexy Photo Of Daughter Lori On Michael B. Jordan’s Lap — Watch

Ellen DeGeneres put Steve Harvey on the spot when she showed him a steamy photo of his daughter, Lori, sitting on boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan's, lap during an interview.

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Steve Harvey approves of Lori Harvey’s relationship with Michael B. Jordan — but there are some aspects of the romance he’d rather not be privy to! Steve appears on the Jan. 18 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Ellen brought up the comedian’s daughter’s high-profile relationship. As they discussed the situation, a recent photo of Lori and Michael popped up on the screen, and Steve was immediately caught off guard. The photo, taken on New Year’s Eve, shows Lori wearing a mini dress while cuddling up to Michael on his lap.

Steve was initially speechless as he stared at the photo, cringing. “I’ve never seen that picture before,” he admitted. “I’m very uncomfortable with that picture right there. I’m not really feeling that picture.” Luckily, Michael has done enough to win Steve over in the more than one year since he’s been with Lori, and his gift-giving on Christmas definitely helped.

“That boy comes through,” Steve revealed. “He’s trying to impress the family with these gifts. I’m her father, so he brought me this big, 100 cigar box of the most hard to get cigars. 100 of them in this big box! And he gave that to me! He gave my wife some skis. Who do that? The only way you give your potential mother-in-law some skis is because you want her to be your mother in law.”

steve harvey ellen
Steve Harvey during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. (Michael Rozman/Warner Bros)

Steve reiterated what he’s said about Michael in the past — that the actor is “a really good guy coming from a good family.” However, he made it clear that Lori is his priority. “At the same time, I got my eye on him,” Steve shared. “I can’t whoop him, but if he ever turn around, I’m gonna knock his a** out!”

Lori and Michael have been together since the fall of 2020. Steve is not Lori’s biological father, but he has been married to her mother, Marjorie, since 2007, and adopted Lori and her two siblings from Marjorie’s past relationship. Luckily, MBJ seems to be fitting right in with this crazy family, too!

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