Kamala Harris Defends Joe Biden After Charlamagne Asks Who The ‘Real President’ Is

Kamala Harris defended Joe Biden during a heated exchange with Charlamagne after he questioned whether Biden or Senator Joe Manchin was running the country.

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Kamala Harris
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Vice President Kamala Harris defended President Joe Biden after Charlamagne tha God questioned if Biden or Democratic Senator Joe Manchin was running the country. During a heated exchange on Charlamagne’s Comedy Central show Tha God’s Honest Truth on December 17, the host pressed Harris about calling Manchin out for his continued opposition to Democratic legislation. After questioning if Manchin was a “problem” for their administration, Charlamagne went so far as to ask, “I want to know who the real president of this country is — is it Joe Biden, or Joe Manchin?”

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris defended Joe Biden after Charlamagne questioned if Biden or Senator Joe Manchin was running the country.(Courtesy of Comedy Central)

Harris quickly shot back, definitively answering that Biden was in charge and that she found Charlamagne’s line of questioning out of hand. “C’mon, Charlamagne,” she said with a disappointed tone. “No, no, no, no, it’s Joe Biden. And don’t start talking like a Republican, about asking whether or not he’s president. It’s Joe Biden, it’s Joe Biden and I’m vice president and my name is Kamala Harris.”

Charlamagne argued that Manchin, whose vote is essential in passing the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act, is “stopping progress”. “He’s ruining democracy,” he added. “‘Cause what scares me is if the voting rights don’t pass, the Build Back Better doesn’t pass, or police reform doesn’t pass, I doubt you’re gonna get Black people to go out there and vote in 2022 and 2024.”

“I hear the frustration,” Harris replied. “But let’s not deny the impact that we’ve had, and agree also that there is a whole lot more work to be done. And it is not easy to do, but we will not give up. And I will not give up.”

With the tension between the pair dying down, Charlamagne interjected how he was impressed with Harris’ passion and push back. “I just want you to know, that Madame Vice President, that Kamala Harris, that’s the one I like,” Charlamagne explained.. “That’s the one that was putting the pressure on people in Senate hearings. That’s the one I’d like to see more often out here in these streets.”