Cassie Randolph Admits Relationship With BF Brighton ‘Feels Right’ & She’s ‘100%’ Herself With Him

If Cassie Randolph seems happier than ever in her relationship with Brighton Reinhardt -- it's because she is! She spoke to HL about why it 'feels right.'

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Image Credit: Taylor Colgate

After a difficult and public split, Cassie Randolph has found love with one of her best friends — musician Brighton Reinhardt. It’s evident these two love birds are smitten with each other, both on Instagram and in Brighton’s new music that uses Cassie as his muse. “We are so happy… we had been friends for about six years and I feel like that really helped us. We get along really well and have fun together. It’s great to really feel… it feels like it’s right,” Cassie gushed to HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview, while discussing her collaboration with Lilias Active.

Cassie Randolph x Lilias Active. (Taylor Colgate)

She continued, “Just being able to be myself and relax, and not have to stress out about anything — It’s nice not to have to think too much.” Brighton and Cassie publicized their love for each other in the singer’s sun-kissed music video for his song “Dreaming,” inspired by the blonde beauty.

“At first I was definitely like, ‘Oh my gosh, is this about me!’ but I also wouldn’t ask because I was nervous to know if a song was about me,” Cassie told HL of Brighton writing music for her. “Definitely in the beginning of dating, it was major butterflies, head over heels about his songwriting and thinking that they were about me!”

The speech pathologist has also been busy with school, renovating her new home and designing her brand new collab with Lilias Active, which launched last week! “I’ve been wearing Lilias Active for a long time, and their quality is always so good, it’s so comfortable, I would wear it all day long, so it was such an organic collaboration,” Cassie explained. “I wanted everything to be very neutral, simple, clean. I didn’t want anything to be too crazy, I wanted to keep it casual.”

Cassie Randolph rocks her Lilias Active collection. (Taylor Colgate)

The Huntington Beach native was inspired by her Pacific coast upbringing when designing the piece with Lilias Active, including flattering yet oversized and cozy pieces for her millions of fans to enjoy. Just in time for the holidays, you can shop Cassie’s Lilias Active collection now!

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