‘Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk Reveals Break Due To COVID ‘Revitalized’ The Fab 5’s ‘Passion’ For The Show

Bobby Berk admitted that prior to the pandemic, the Fab 5 thought season 6 would be their last. He spoke to HL about how the break 'revitalized their passion.'

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The pandemic gave many people are much-needed pause from the everyday grind of their careers. The moment to reflect and find gratitude has turned out to be one of the most positive outcomes of the wild last two years. For the Queer Eye stars, the time off might very well be the reason we will have more season of the beloved Netflix show. “When we got there to film season six in 2020, we were like, ‘I barely have this season in me, I definitely don’t have one after this, we’re probably done after this one,’ but now, we definitely don’t feel that way anymore,” Fab 5 member Bobby Berk recalled in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “We’re ready to keep going. We can keep doing this for quite a while. It definitely revitalized our passion to do what we do.”

Season six of Queer Eye, which premieres Dec. 31, will follow multiple “heroes” who have struggled with many losses throughout the pandemic, and the Fab 5 arrives to help them navigate the grief and overcome. “Having that over a year off really allowed us to recharge and honestly get our priorities straight of what was really important. It made us realize how important the work that we do is and how important human connection is, and how important hugs are,” Bobby gushed. “It’s a very emotional season and I think our best season yet.”

The ‘Queer Eye’ cast. (Courtesy of Netflix)

As we anxiously await the new season of Queer Eye, Bobby is teaming up with SunChips for an incredible new partnership to highlight artists. The brand recently launched the “Be Your Own Wave” campaign to champion what makes their fans unique and late announced the SunChips Art Seen, a virtual contest to give one-of-a-kind artists, writers, and creators a new way to share their individuality with the world, judged by the interior design star!

“I loved it because SunChips is out there trying to find people who are being their own wave, being unique and lifting other people up. They’re trying to find amazing artists and lift them up and get them exposure because artists have had it tough the last year and a half,” Bobby explained. “Small artists usually have gallery walks and art walks, and art showings, and they haven’t been able to do any of that. The only way they’ve been able to get their art out there is through social media, so SunChips Art Seen is highlighting these local artists.”

Bobby Berk on ‘Queer Eye.’ (Courtesy of Netflix)

Bobby and SunChips selected five local artists to each take home a $10,000 cash prize, plus have a painted mural replicate their work, placement of their art in SunChips sponsored advertising, on the brand’s social channels, and on SunChips.com — where consumers will be able to link directly to an artist’s personal website to engage and shop! Finalists will be announced on December 15.

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