Three 6 Mafia & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Break Out Into Wild Fight During Verzuz Battle – Watch

A lot more than egos clashed during Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Three 6 Mafia's Verzuz battle. After Bizzy Bone called out his rivals for 'mocking' his crew, heated words – and fists! – started flying.

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Someone took “Verzuz” a bit too literally when Bone Thugs-N-Harmony went up against Three 6 Mafia on Thursday (Dec. 2) night. After Bone performed “Buddah Lovers,” Bizzy Bone didn’t take kindly to Mafia’s Juicy J and Gangsta Boo slow dancing during the song. “Hey yo, hey. Before we even get started, you ugly motherf-ckers ain’t fit to be mocking me while I’m on the motherf-cking stage,” said Bizzy. “Like, straight the f-ck up.” Juicy J snapped back with a rude comment, which prompted Bizzy to chuck his microphone and a water bottle at the group.

Juicy J and members of Three 6 Mafia’s entourage then crossed the stage, bursting through the prop caution tape. Juicy J appears to take a swing at Bizzy. “Bizzy Bone, you a hater,” shouted Gangsta Boo (h/t Rolling Stone). “You must not have taken your pills.” The group’s respective security teams got involved, and it all devolved into a heated scuffle. “Boo Bizzy Bone,” Gangsta said to the crowd. “He f-cked up the show!” After everyone went to their respective corners, they returned to the stage – minus Bizzy Bone – to finish the show.

Later in the evening, Bizzy hugged it out with Juicy J and owned up to losing his cool. “I want to apologize to everybody the fuck out there, on both sides. I’m not trying to f-ck this shit up,” he said. “Pardon me. Let’s keep the party motherfucking going.” Once everyone was chill, the show continued on and featured appearances by Lil Jon and Lil Wayne.

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In the days leading up to the Verzuz, Bizzy Bone hyped up the battle by calling out Three 6 Mafia on social media. “They don’t want to be called devil worshippers,” he posted online. “Well, wtf is you, and wtf is your name three sixes for? What’s that a(sic) acronym for? FOH. That is the mark of the beast it not?” He claimed his rivals “sold [their] soul for riches and fame” and challenged them to “denounce Satan on this Big Ass Platform Tonight!”

“It wasn’t a real beef,” Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul said to HipHopDX in 2015 when discussing the rivalry between his crew and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. “It was more of a misunderstanding because we was rapping about triple six, devil shit, and tongue-twisting over slow beats. We had been doing that since 1989 and then all of a sudden when Bone came out … with ‘Thuggish Ruggish Bone’ and all of that stuff, and we hear somebody kind of on our same style: Faces Of Death, redrum, murder, 6-6-6, tongue-twisting. We were like, ‘Damn, these dudes done stole our style!’ [Laughs] That’s why we got mad about it. We ran into each other a couple of times, and there was a push or something. But there was never no fight or nothing like that.”

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